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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 44 Review: Pirate Christmas

The episode begins with the emperor seeing that the Gokaigers are more of a threat as a new strategy must be used. Insarn tries to ask Dairando (finally I see his name) to take initiative, but Dairando wants to see the fights himself as he will team up with an old friend. With the gang we see that Don's bounty has gone up to 300,000 the same price as Gai and even Navi has a bounty now of 50. What concerns everyone though is that Basco and Sally have bounty on their heads as they are classified as pirates now. The gang is worried about Basco and what he could be thinking and with the emperor around things just get worse. Gai though comes in singing Jingle Bells (was he at the Christmas party from Fourze?) as he carries around a little tree and jumps in joy. Everyone is confused on what the tree is (not how he is acting because you know its Gai he has to act hyper) as Gai tells them its an Christmas tree and Christmas is coming tomorrow, but no one else knows what that is. After the opening we see Gai and Luka shopping as they see a Santa giving gifts with kids and for some reason has a panda around him. Luka gets some info wrong as she thinks that this guy is the real thing because of Gai's words and she is interested with the gifts. Luka tries to get a present, but the Santa says he will only give gifts to good boys and girls as Luka gets mad.
Why only 50 for Sally?
With Luka in a cranky mood now Gai tries to cheer her up as he shows her children putting up decorations. Gai saves a kid who falls off a ladder and then a girl comes up and says what an idiot he is and slaps him across his face. Gai helps out the brother and sister and puts the star on the tree as Luka talks with the sister. She is impressed by the hand made dolls as the kid brother jokes around saying how ugly it is. The sister taps him on the head and makes him get the snow for the tree. We then see Dairando with his ally who takes out a staff and turns people into dolls as he does that with a human male. The plan is to turn all humans into dolls and many people are being turned into them. While the two are going around they run into the Gai and Luka. The boy Seiji is turned into a doll as the commander aims for the girl next, but Gai puts himself in the crossfire and is turned into a doll. The rest of the gang appears and a fight starts and sadly all the decorations are getting in the way. Luka jumps in as the MOTW hates women and tries to turn them into dolls, but he accidentally gets the guards, but he turns them back to normal. The team uses Kakuranger to fight the foes off, but soon Dairando uses his Giant Hammer to attack and then flees.
The gang go to search for them, but Luka stays back and sees that the girl didn't leave yet. The girl is sad because she blames herself for her brother becoming a doll and sees it as a punishment since she was yelling at him even though its Christmas. Luka gets her hopes back up and asks her to make another doll. The four reach up the Dairando and his group, but he uses his Giant Hammer again as the team cannot reach the staff. Luka is about to go to the scene as the girl gives her a doll that looks like Luka, but she also wants to go. Luka reaches to the scene and pretends to get hit by the beam stars as she throws the fake doll out. The monster notices that the doll is a fake and dodges Luka as he turns her into a doll. The plan is still going though as the girl turns into Gokai Yellow! She attacks the monster and takes the staff and she uses the return spell to save everyone who was turned into dolls. The real fights begins as Gai breaks the staff and everyone transforms. The team go all yellow as they kill the guards with those powers. Luka then wants to use Battle Fever because she heard that Santa dances, but wait Battle Fever only has five keys. Gai finally realizes that he needs to get in as he asks for Marve's and Don's keys. He fuses them together and becomes Gokai Christmas! The team finish off the monster with Battle Fever's and Christmas power!
The fight is taken to giant size as the robots are summoned as Gai fights with all forms of his mech. Magi Dragon, Gaolion, Furimaru, and MachFalcon are summoned again like the last episode. They do something a little different as Mach Falcon and Furimaru team up to kill the guards and then Kazen form is used as the final attack from last episode is used again. Now the gang hang around the kids as the tree is completed and Marve and Joe approve it with a thumbs up. There is no snow though, but Luka fixes that as she uses Magimother to make it snow! Now the team go back to their ship for their party, but we see Shirou (Battle Kenya) was the Santa from before and for a gift he gives them Battle Fever's grand powers.
That's the Christmas episode and I am actually surprised by this episode. At first it was being a basic episode, but when the second part of the fight came around with the girl becoming Gokai Yellow I didn't even see that coming. The fights were also really good as I always love seeing Battle Fever being used. Battle Fever as a really unique style of fighting compared to other Sentai as dance is used. Gai was also great as he became Gokai Christmas, sure it was random, but it was also creative and fun to watch. The mecha fight was also much better than usual as we got some interesting camera angles this time. Sadly Shirou barely made an appearance, but again we already say Kenji Ohba in the movie and he is coming again as Gavan. Overall a fun Christmas episode that actually has a lot more than I thought, a B+
Coming Up: The return of Ninjaman!

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  1. Battle Fever J was popular in the early 80's in Hawaii, U.S.A. via KIKU TV 13 (now defunct). The Soviet Union was extinct 20 years ago. That does not mean that Luka Millfy used her Battle Cossack key with K.G.B. and Russian support. The International War against the United Alliance of Evil (including Zangyack and Secret Society Egos) has begun! Liberate Japan, United States, Kenya, Former Soviet Union and France from evil influences! Not even N.A.T.O. or United Nations can stop the evil!