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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 16 Review: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

With Motoyama surpassing Last One his powers have been upgraded as well as the Medusa powers now can work with a beam. He fires the beam at Fourze and gets his left hand as it turns into stone. Gen still tries to talk with Moto as he tries to remind him of his Christmas present for the children. Moto has a quick flashback of last year, but doesn't care as he is becoming more than a human, he kicks his own body, attacks Fourze and company, and then retreats. Moto now walking around with his painting thinking that he can finally finish it. We then see a new rider hiding in the trees as he wonders if they got the right person. Back with the gang as Yuuki is worried about the Christmas party for the kids, but there are more serious issues as Gen's hand is stone and he needs to defeat Moto to return it back to normal and to save the other students. Also Moto is still out of his body and if he stays out too long he could never return into his body and there is the risk of him becoming a horoscope. With everything down in the dumps as the Christmas party is going to be cancelled, but Gen thinks this boost the reasoning of having it. Yuuki who is all pumped up from Gentaro's words leave to help Abe and to sing for the children.
After Yuuki leaving Shun is worried about Gen's rock hand as it will not be able to use left handed switches. Both Rocket and Drill switches still need more time to recover so they need to think of a strategy to defeat him and maybe the new switch can help out. The 25th switch is ready for use as Gen tries it to see what it does. It is the Pen switch and a big brush appears on his right leg and everyone thinks it useless including Gen (what about what you said in episode 3), Tomoko though likes the new switch as Gen just messes with the gang as he writes on the window. He realizes though that he doesn't need a weapon to stop Moto though as he thinks of a new idea and when he gives back the pen switch he leaves with the shake roid. Gen gets to a woodland area where he is looking for Motoyama, but he won't appear so he sings the song he dislikes. The plan works as his singing was downright terrible! When Moto appears Gen immediately a tripod with a sketch book on it as he wants to face Moto. This is not a fight though and the challenge is to have Gen draw a better painting than Moto's and Gen makes an offer that Moto should turn back into a human is he losses or Gen will be turned into stone. The challenge begins as Meteor watches from afar and we see the Glee club a little down because of Moto and Abe wonders what happened to him. Yuuki appears and tells the club that they have to work even harder without Moto around.
Back with Gen as he finishes his drawing and is proud of it, but it looks like a child drew it. Moto is confused at first of what its supposed to be, but its Mount Fuji. With the challenge ending with Moto winning he takes the painting and tries to rip it, but he can't for some reason. As a true artist Moto can see that Gen put all his effort into the painting. Things are looking good, but Fourze appears?! Gen then transforms into the real Fourze and fights the fake. Gen uses the Gatling switch as he know that the fake cannot use it, but the fake deflects all the shot with his staff as it is revealed that it is Libra. Libra is easily defeating Gen as Kengo picks up that something is going on as he leaves with Shun. We then see Tomoko observing the writing on the window and one of the letters, just falls off and is solid metal. Libra tells Moto to turn Gentaro into stone as he is needed to be removed so that he can become a member of the satellites and he blast Gen with the beam on his legs as he is slowly turning into stone. Now the next part of the plan is to have Moto visit the kids to deliver his painting and to turn everyone into stone as that will mark his graduation from a human being. Before Gen turns into stone completely Motoyama picks up the painting Gen drew and rips it in half.
I loved seeing Libra do the pose and him saying the phrase with no energy at all

We now see that the party for the kids has begun as the Glee club starts to sing with Jingle Bells in English. Kengo and Shun find Gen who is stoned (bad joke I know, but I couldn't resist), but somehow Gen's hand moves and grabs Kengo. Back with the singing we see their performance for the new song Yuuki wanted. Moto gets ready to attack as everything imperfect should be gone, but he stops because of the kids' joy with the song. He also sees that is last painting was mounted up on the wall along with many other drawings made by the kids. Moto remembers Gen's drawing as its the same as the children because they're not perfect, but they show tons of emotion. We then see Gentaro who is somehow moving because Moto didn't use his full strength on Gentaro. We now see that Moto at first was drawing for the kids, but soon he was satisfying himself. Gen then tells him to become human once more and he will help him through as he gives him his hand. Moto accepts his offer and they do the club handshake as his powers soon his potential of becoming a horoscope is gone because of the star of rebirth is gone. Libra's plan fails, but he appears to turn Moto on his side again to just be an attack dog. Gen transforms even with Moto attacking him as he has to fight him and Libra!
Things aren't looking good for Fourze, but of all a sudden a new hero appears! Kengo notices that the hero has a belt and a switch and is confused. He talks about Moto not working out as he is shocked by this as Libra wonders how he knew as the two fight. Now things are fair as Fourze takes on Moto alone and the new guy has some great moves and screams like Bruce Lee! With Gen though he still has issues fighting Moto as he can't find a way to get around the Medusa Beam. Tomoko appears along with Jake as she gives the Pen switch to Gen as they show that it doesn't write with ink, but steel. He uses the Pen to make quick shields that block the beams and soon covers his arm with the metal ink. Now with Rocket and Drill back to full power he uses them to finish off the Zodiart and frees Moto from the switch. With the new guy he uses his armlet to use Jupiter and punches Libra with it as he retreats before he could use a Limit Break. Gen thanks him for helping, but he just leaves on his bike as Tomoko says that he is a new Kamen Rider. In the Rabbit Hutch, Kengo is thinking about the new rider, but those thoughts should be left for a moments as said by Miu as it is Christmas! Miu reveals the cake as each candle represents someone in the group. We then learn that Motoyama missed the party, but he is going to make a new painting to show the kids. Everyone wonders where Gen is as they see him outside writing with the Pen switch with the color red somehow saying Merry Christmas and Kengo gets pissed.
This episode is much better than the last episode, but it still shares a similar flaw. Both episodes both have the Glee club as they were kinda useless. They were just there to cause the conflict and the only somewhat character development was with Abe, but it was barely anything. Everything else though was great as Moto's passion was revealed and that is what pushed him into wanting perfection. That thought of perfection wanted him to be better at anything possible even becoming a new being. How Gentaro interacted with him was simply the best in the episode because of Gen trying to open up with the villain and it works! Reminding me of villains that is another weak part excluding Motoyama because where was Sonoda? Now for Libra it makes sense that he was just in the background at times because he wanted Motoyama to end his tasks so that he could become another horoscope and he had to jump in at times as he wants Fourze dead. The reveal of Kamen Rider Meteor was epic as his powers are great because punching people with a planet is much better than a rocket punch. Also I loved his screaming it just reminded me of Burce Lee who is epic as well and his fighting style was fun to watch. The reveal also leaves even more mysteries because who is he and where did he get the switch and belt? The new switch is actually a great one and at first I thought it was going to be useless, but with great creativity it was a powerful switch that can work very well in defense. The most important part though was that the rest of the gang interacted a lot more than the last episode which is always fun to watch. Overall the episode still had to carry a flaw from the last episode and it was weaker with the main villains, but everything else was fixed and Meteor is going to be a great rider, an A-
Coming Up: Ryuusei!

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