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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Poll Results #16

What Do You Like Most About Gobusters So Far?
The design of the heroes- 32
The robot partners- 9
The giant robot- 11
Do You Like Anything Goes Ballad Version Song?
Yes- 19
No- 2
Do You Like Anything Goes Ballad Version PV?
Yes- 18
No- 3
Are You Excited For The Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Movie
Yes- 52
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 13 Of Fourze?
Yes- 26
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 14 Of Fourze?
Yes- 20
No- 1
My Thoughts
I am really loving the design of the new heroes the most as it really looks very different from other series, the biggest difference is the colored visors which are very good. Anything Goes was a great catchy song and this version is still good as it can make a fast paced song into a steady one. I can't believe that one person is not excited for the upcoming Rider VS Sentai I mean the only thing we got was little cameos from the Goranger and JAQK team up and Decade with Shinkenger. The build up from episode 13 of Fourze was really good and episode 14 played it off well as it revealed everything we need to know so far as a mystery still starts to unravel.

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