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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Second Season?!

Saban why must you do this to fans, stop trying to make Samurai into MMPR! It seems that Samurai will have a 2nd season like MMPR did and it just makes me more worried than ever. First this happened with MMPR and it worked greatly because of a new villian and even Saban made their own monster for the series which was a big strong point. They couldnt use the stock footage at times though because they kept the original suits and didnt use the Dairanger suits and for some reason they didnt get the monsters from it so they had to do some really bad editing. With that though they did use their own footage which was nice to see that Saban could use it more and more. They even used the same mechas from Dairanger and the sixth ranger which worked greatly because they were somewhat similar to Zyuranger mechs even though one was originally green and not black. Also it was odd seeing a really big difference from having dinos turn into a great warrior to mythical creatures turn into a samurai. Still with some original ideas and original monsters MMPR still lived on, but how will Saban do this again with Shinkenger?

Zedd was awsome!

Now with the past seen could Saban do the same thing again? Could they just use monsters and the mechas from the next sentai series and just skip it? That will be very weird because first Samurai is well as a samurai motif how can they use footage from Goseiger with an angel motif? First the mechas have no similarity to Shinkenger's so how will that work out and how could they explain it in the series? Also the monsters vary from space invaders, pollution monsters, and machines neither of them can relate to the Gendou. Sure the Yamajuu can be used pretty easily, but there was always something with Ayakashi mostly all of them expect one had a tone of red on their body. So I think someone will notice something is different. Maybe they could use their own monsters again which did work out sometimes or they can finally use some monsters from Shinkenger that they skipped! This also could be the time that they use the Decade footage because I think the so called "Power Rider" will come after season one so that they can show who this new hero is and then show him with the team when he gets his final form. This could also mean a new villian could be introduced maybe Akumaro could be revealed in season two and become the new leader if they use the final battle footage early.

They better not skip it because there is a lot of potential for Saban here

If they do skip Goseiger what will happen to them? They will become like Dairanger and will never been seen in America, but what about GoseiKnight. Remember they used Kibaranger in MMPR season 2, but GoseiKnight could never fit in with Samurai because they're samurai and they already have a sixth ranger. I cant just cant believe that there is another season coming up because it just making me wonder what will happen to the series and Goseiger. Saban could do their own scenes again, but could they do the same for mecha fights and where will they get monsters from will they really use their own for a whole season? Either way I have a really bad feeling that season two will become a way to be nostaliga to MMPR and Samurai has been doing bad with that. I am hoping that Goseiger will still be used because Saban can easily use it.


  1. I actually want Saban to skip Goseiger, unless Tzachor gets fired as executive producer. Goseiger was already bad enough, but if Tzachor carbon copies Goseiger's plots like he does with the rest of his work, it's going to be a nightmare of a series. Especially if they hire more bad actors.

  2. I just think that Saban could do something original with it. Anyways high chance they will skip Gokaiger no matter what because how can they use the footage with older sentai teams. There can easily be changes with Goseiger like making knight human which could be good if they do it right.