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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Off Topic: Favoirte Video Game Part 4 Best Story

Now with video games back then there wasnt much story with them this is mostly because just making good games was hard enough. Some of the old games are mostly a basic adventure story like Link and Castlevania, but game like that are still very great even without a complex and well written story. With that today's games need stories to make it more engaging to play. With a story though there needs to be writing and if it is dumb and seems there is no effort some people can be disapointed with that. Now I'm not saying every game without a good story is bad its just very nice to have it. So which game today that has a story I can easily follow and watch, LA Noire!

I mean this an amazing game and with a very well written story I can always play this. The game is set in 1947 after the war and you play as Cole Phelps who quickly rises from a street cop to a detective and tries to bring justice to the city of LA. First I love old noire and detective movies. A lot of those movies always have great writing. So the noire feel is great in this game and also the city itself looks amazing you can tell there was a lot of research for making this game. This game actually took 7 years to make, I forget why, but its worth the wait I say. Rockstar is mostly known for making GTA and so when this game came out people thought it was just going to be GTA with a bad cop. They were dead wrong sure the game has the gameplay like GTA, but you are the hero this time and now just a gangster. Also with a new type of gameplay with the interrogation scenes well you have to tell if someone is lying or saying the truth to help you in the case. If you do bad with this there will be punishments like different things to get to the end or you accuse the wrong person. The game is a lot more linear though unlike GTA because in the end some cases will have the same ending no matter what you do.

It's not GTA!

Also there are a lot of bonus matieral you can find with newspapers, but you think those scenes are pointless, but no. Mostly every scene has a connection to something if it is a serial murderer or the past life of Cole. With the cases each has something to like about them because of what type of characters you will meet. There can be bad liars or really good ones, but sometimes you have to rely on what they say to give themselves up. I dont want to talk much about gameplay because I'm focusing on the story and its great as I said before (anyways high chance it will appear again, hint hint). The writing is top notch, characters have great moments with greatness or laughter. There can be some smart lines at times and they can make me laugh many times. Also with the interrogation scenes they can have great writing has well if it is complex or simple. Thats the point of interrogations though you have to get to it so you can find what you're looking for so dont be afraid to be doubtful with people.

You cant always be nice.

Even with the street crimes there can be different endings to them if you decide to catch or kill the criminal which will also happen in the big cases. Also they can change if you fail to do it perfectly or miss the important stuff. So in the end LA Noire has an amazing story that is easily supported by the great writing it has. For me it's the best Rockstar game yet and I hope this can become a new franchise for them, but since this one took 7 years to make the next one could take a while or could never come at all. I mean since they did the 1940's they can easily go to a different time that is more present and each one will have big differences because of society changes, they should change the cities as well because each city has history that can be used.

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