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Monday, August 1, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 23 Review: Family Sentai

Well its offical now, Titanium Ranger didnt appear at all in this episode thank goodness. This episode though focuses on the two females of the team as Gai says how Luka acts like the big sister around Ahim. Soon a new clue comes about aiding people and even Gai doesnt have a clue because all sentai help people. So Marvelous first carries an old man up the stairs as Gai gets more. Joe helps what he though was a woman who dropped her jewerly, but it ends up being a crossdresser (wouldnt have been funny if that was the deakranger tribute and we see Testu in drag again) Luka and Ahim help a little girl get water for her mother. They talk to the mother and daughter as the little girl is going to be a big sister soon and Luka has a flashback to the death of her little sister. Soon the mother is going through labor as a woman appears to help them. While getting a taxi they are attacked by the Gormins, the taxi gets away while the two fight them off with using Yellow and Pink of Fiveman and Magiranger. This maybe just a conidence, but they two transformed into the other family sentai. Fiveman was the first and Magiranger was the last so far and they are the ones who had a great bond too. The Fiveman sisters and Hikaru and Tsubasa from Magiranger.

Well at the hospital the two find out that the women was Matsuri, GoPink of GoGoV. The others find out, but Marve and Gai are stuck because a huge group of old people arrive. While Joe and Doc are stuck with the crossdresser with makeup on their faces. Ahim and Luka find her, but they are attacked by Zuban, Mele, and Rio summons from Basco. The worst part is that there is a boy in danger of dying and the only way out is for Matsuri to go out alone so he could get the great power. While in the ambulance Luka talks about her dead sister on how she couldnt do anything to save her from the illness. Luka is then thinking of dumb plans as Ahim snaps her out of it saying that she isnt her little sister or something like that.

Matsuri steps out of it seems as Basco tries to steal the powers, but its not working for some reason. He soon finds out it was Ahim using magic thanks to MagiPink's key as Luka comes flying in to help as they fight the three extra heroes, but they are outmatched by the three. They go flying as Marve catches Luka and Joe catches Ahim (LUCKY!) The team transforms then and fight off the heroes by using GoGoV's powers as Gai just fights normally by himself facing Zuban. First the transformation was awsome its probably the best trasnformation yet. The team fight off and defeat the three as the monkey takes back the keys and a new monster is summoned a fire one this time. Which is probably a reference to the first episode of GoGoV.

The team go into the mecha as Marvelous first uses Magi Dragon's fire to help, but it failed big time as the monster just absorbed the fire making it more powerful. Gai tries to block the fire as the team uses GoGoV's power which gives Gokaioh five hoses to shoot at the monster of course water comes out from them as the team finishes the monster with the final attack from them and Gozyujin. The two then talk with the mothers, the daughter and son, and Matsuri as Ahim seems to becoming more mature this time as Gai points out.

This was an ok tribute episode, we didnt see a lot of Matsuri and she didnt have a lot of memorable parts. The fights were ok too nothing too special this time, but this episode was really funny with Joe and Doc with the drag queen and Marve helping a little too much. This was very good development for Luka and Ahim though as we see why Luka wants to protect kids because of her little sister's death which was really sad and how she sees Ahim as her little sister. That easily explains the close bond they have. For Ahim she gets more mature as she doesnt want to be protected all the times because she is a member of the team. So this episode didnt have the best fights or comedy, but it easily makes up with great development a C+

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