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Monday, August 1, 2011

Poll Results #3

Do you think GokaiSilver will transform into the Titanium Ranger?
Yes- 3
No- 12

What's Your Favorite Video From the Previews?
Time Judged All- 4
Reverse/Re:Birth- 1
Let's Hold Hands- 2

What's Your Favorite Song Out of These Three?
Time Judged All- 4
Reverse:Re:Birth- 1
Let's Hold Hands- 0

My Thoughts
I knew that video was fake and it ends up it was because a key was never revealed at all.
Now that I saw the whole video of Time Judged all it had really nice visuals.
My Favoirte song though out of the three is Reverse/Re:Birth because Gotou and Date are a great duo in battle and song!

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