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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Possibilty Kamen Rider Decade Adaptation

Well now Saban has actually registered a new series called Power Rider. Now this could easily be Decade because Saban is using Shinkenger right now and we all know of the team up they had. Also why would Saban attempt this again, the worst part is that Decade is a crossover series. Their first attempt was Masked Rider which used Black RX and ZO footage and near the end of the series other riders appeared. For Japan this is awsome because these are the ten original riders, but for America we have no idea who they are and their names were completely messed up (I AM AMAZON!)

Also there is news that Steven Wang who worked with Adness who adapted Ryuki into Dragon Knight says that he wants to adapt Faiz and Kabuto. I say let him I think the adaptions of rider series will be better if Steven does them because he actually had original ideas with Dragon Knight. Unlike Masked Rider where its mostly cut and paste for a lot or only minor details are removed. Maybe he could work with Saban with this new rider adaption and if it goes well this could bring more new adaptions. High chance though they wont use any rider series before Kabuto though because showing Decade which was made in 2009 and then skipping to a series in 2003 deosnt sound that smart. Who knows though they could easily just reimagine the show then by using their own footage the whole time and just use the suits. There is also the fact that now the Zecter Knights poster is a fake because of what Steven said how he wants to adapt Kabuto that means there is no production of it yet, but it could be real someday. Also the name Power Rider sounds so dumb its just so it sounds like Power Rangers!

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