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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Thoughts On Fourze

Well more new images are appearing for the new rider series and I think a lot of hate is starting to go away. Fans are becoming happy with Fourze, but there are still haters no doubt, but we will see what happens. First his henshin seems really simple which I like because it gives me a feeling of showa era riders with hand motions.

There are also more images for the monster of the series and I have been hearing that they are based on the star conteslations like Scorpio which is the top image. I bet not all of them will, but they will have a space theme like the red monster I think he is like a Mars monster, but who knows he could be Taurus. Also I seen the videos and his fighting style is pretty casual with him headbutting a lot. I like that they are smart enough to show why the head is pretty big its supposed to be a weapon, I wonder how much that will hurt to be headbutted by him? Also I am hoping he will use his bike for fights as well like Kuuga did.

Now we see Fourze's gimick of the series, in the past with Double and OOO it was about the many forms that had and combinations. Now this gimick is Fourze and his many equips and how he will use them in battle. First is the launcher leg which is ok, I have to wonder if it is hard to move with that, but that is probably the point because its fires missles!

We actually see the missles now and wow they are funny, but awsome at the same time. I think the creators knew people would mock the helmet so they decided to joke around with it as well. Also we see the radar arm and I guess it will probably have lasers or it could sense villians? Also there is the Dream Arm which is mostly Birth's Crane Arm really, but I know with the name Dream its going to be different somehow.

So far the last two gears we see is the Rocket Arm and the Drill Leg, I love the idea of punching someone with a freaking rocket! Also the drill is nice because a lot of other riders have sort of a drill like kick or finisher, but this time his rider kick will really use a drill. Again similar to Birth because he had Drill Arm, but who knows when the idea was exactly made or even pitched?

And now... DAMN! I knew this would happen that Fourze can use more than one equip at a time, but this is awsome! First the drill kick is nice and now its going to have rocket speed! I wonder if the Radar Arm can work with The Launcher Leg so that all missles hit the target. So as I said this is the gimick the many equips he will have and how he shall use them with themselves or in combinations and there are going to be more switches that will even have new forms.

First the new equip is a sword and will make Fourze yellow. So high chance the sword will have electrcity and the form is called Electric State by the rumors. Also the weapon is called Billy the Rod? I hope thats just a rumor name becuase I dont get it? Next is the Hi-Hack Gun which is the Fire State form even though you can clearly see water.... Again I dont get the name of the weapon so it just be a rumor name again. Also I figured something out, Fourze's original form is based on an astronaut, the fire mode is based on a fire fighter, and the electric form is based on of those guys at an airport with the sticks, I dont know? So maybe his forms will be based on jobs. Its odd, but I think it can work.

Now there is another autovajin in rider, I dont what's it called, but I will call it Autovajin V2 for now. This really gets me happy because as I said his bike is going to be used more in fights and this is proof so far. It doesnt look like it has weapons on it so it could be a close combat robot, but maybe he has hidden guns somewhere.

So with all the hate going away soon because of new images I think Fourze is going to be a good series it maybe more of a comedic which is getting people mad. Those people just want something dark and we all know that any rider series can be dark at times. Also just because a show isnt going to be all serious and dark all the time doesnt mean its going to be bad, the writing matters! Every series depends on writing because no one will pay attention with boring dialouge and boring plot twists. High chance though people wont care because look at Hibiki it had amazing writing yet no one cares for it just because it was different from other rider series. So I'm hoping that Fourze does a good job to shut those people who only want darkness to see that the writing matters the most and rider series does good with that recently, look at Double and OOO.

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