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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OMG Hurricangers Come Back!

New images came out showing that the three hurricangers, Yousuke, Kouta, and Nanami (my favorite blue warrior!) I dont know which episode this is, but a lot of people are going to love this episode. First there are new pics of the new gokaioh form which it looks even better than Shinken Gokaioh!

It looks like the team will summon the Furai-Maru, could be a new one though? Then I think that it will summon the Tenkujin and it will combine with it. There is another option that the Furai-Maru just summons the parts, either way though it looks amazing, I love the Tenkujin and seeing with combine with Gokaioh makes me want to go crazy. I have to wonder what the final attack will be?

Now we see the three Hurricangers and to me Yousuke looks different, I know it has been a while, but I can still easily tell who Kazu and Nanami are, but this could be Yousuke? Its just to me that he looks like Shotaro from Kamen Rider Double. This could just be me, but if this is true I could be a little ticked off because whats the point of having HurricaneRed around then if the original actor couldnt come. Thinking about it though it would be awsome to see Shotaro fight as a sentai warrior and I bet if this is Shotaro it could be a completely different character. high chance thought its just the lack of quailty image that is making me confused of course they would Shun Shioya to play Yousuke again. Now if you looked closer in that image you can see that the GOKAIGERS WILL FIHGT ALONG WITH THEM! NOT ONLY THAT THE HURRICANGERS STILL HAVE THEIR POWERS!


I mean wow this is awsome, but odd. First seeing the team actually fighting along with veterans who have their powers is beyond amazing. How did they get their powers back though? Now I remember seeing parts of the Gokaiger movie where the Goseiger take the keys and get their powers back so this could happen again because they are ninjas I bet they can steal those keys easily. Now their powers were hand made so there could be new henshin devices, but wouldnt that happen earlier because there was Dekaranger, Gekiranger, and Boukenger and both of their sentai powers were hand made. Also why didnt this happen before with those maybe there is some interference with using the same powers again? High chance though the Hurricangers steal their powers back. Also I was thinking what Akashi said at the end of episode 21 saying "Is this alright AkaRed?" Akashi could know more about AkaRed and I think his true intentions were to give the powers back to the sentai warriors, because it can easily be done. As I said I dont know which episode this is, but it should be coming soon probably mid August? I so cant wait to see the Gokaigers actually fight with veterans!

What was he planning?

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