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Friday, August 5, 2011

How Goseiger Could be Adapted

Well there is casting for the new power ranger series up now as seen from so I guess its going to be a different series from Samurai. I'm glad because there are so many things Saban can do with this series. First if they want to try the nostalgic factor again they can do it here because Goseiger has the same colors as Zyuranger expect for the sixth's, but I think Goseiger should be the nostalgic season. First the Goseiger has a talking head like figure to help them, Zordon much? Also there is Datas who is like Alpha being a robot who helps the team. They can try the teenager team again, they just have to make sure that the characters just arent copies of MMPR. Saban still could work with the angels doing their duty if they want, but I think it will be nice to see a teenage team again, but with today's society that can be a bad idea, thanks Disney.

For the villians they can try a Boukenger or Gingaman like feel. Having the mutiple villians fight each other or being a team. Buredoran can easily be the leader or a villian who changes sides at times or maybe being forced to be changed. Buredoran could easily be a space invader at first and is killed during the final battle with Warstar and the Yamajuu find his body or him almost dying and change him to survive. For when he turns into a machine it can be a stragey to kidnap him to use him for killing the Yamajuus and then appearing his mecha form. Then finally he can just go beserk and steal powers from Master Head to become the Fallen Angel form because he is tired of being used.

Then finally there is GoseiKnight who I think can be human in the adaption because they could try another Bullblack move like in Gingaman and Lost Galaxy. It wouldnt be creative though even though Knight was an awsome character and one of the only good things in Goseiger, but seeing a human becoming him will be awsome. First he should be the oldest memeber because he can easily be a mentor for the team or be a rouge because the team is still too young, sort of like Gosieger. He could just join the team because maybe they can make him a follower and his faith gives him the powers. There is also another thing that could be done which is Knight is an actual angel sent down by Master Head to help and teach the team.

Overall this is what I think how the series could be adapted. First having a new teenage team will be nice and nostalgic if Saban does it right and doesnt try to be like today's tween shows. The villians can all be facing each other or a team, but Buredoran still needs to swtich sides or be the leader. Then finally Knight can be an angel to teach the team the truth of protecting the Earth and he can punish them for not doing things right (Mostly just because of the source material anyways a teacher who actually teaches the team a lesson will be nice) If you dont like this I am fine with that, just dont be rude and I will like to see what you think how this can be done because no matter what its all better than copying it! Mostly since Goseiger was not a good series with only some good things like Knight and Buredoran. Also I will call the show Power Rangers Heaven Force. Hell Saban could even use GoseiGreen just for notaglia, would be nice to give him an actual importance to the show than just one episode.

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