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Monday, August 8, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 24 Review: The Return of Jellacit

Well another filler episode for Gokaiger and guess what it has our favoirte action commander Jellacit back. The episode starts out with him with trash as a lady says how he could be natural waste and leaves him be. Soon he smells something good and finds out it was takoyaki and a man there sees him and takes him in as a pet. Also good animation for Jellacit when he was eating the takoyaki I was really impressed with that. Well soon the team is being lead by Gai because of takoyaki and he cant find the owner and he sees him playing with Jellacit and making him do tricks like a dog would. The team doesnt want to get involved with him again, but Gai gets them just to watch just in case. Soon a new action commander shows himself as he first tries a promotional way to win, but he soon ditches that as he attacks Jellacit and the owner. The team transforms and fight the monsters off with Megaranger and sadly couldnt do anything with Hurricanger because they left the battle.

Soon the team talks with Jellacit even though some dont really care, but say how the owner cant be keeping him as a pet. Soon Doc says that he could be an apprentice of takoyaki and he imagines how doing that in space will work out, but there needs to be approval from the owner's mother. The mother is the same woman who said that Jellacit was natural waste and she cant accpet an alien being the apprentice. Why because she hates aliens, so yea this episode has a prejudice motif just great. Well with that the monster barges in and he brought a weapon this time becuase he ditched his last plan and decides to just go in for the attack. He waits though as the talk continues until the monster gets ticked off that the mother is calling aliens trash and another fight begins. During the fight the mother was getting to warm hiding and tries to leave, but the monster shows up and tries to shoot her down, but Jellacit takes the shot. He doesnt die though because he surivived from better attacks as Joe said he is pretty tough. So the team finish him off with the Timeranger powers, Legend Dream, and the saber/gun finisher. Then its mecha time with Gozyujin and SHINKEN GOKAIOH AGAIN! Well they finish him off with the same finishers we have been seeing for a while now.

The team return to the shop to help Jellacit with the idea of takayoki in space, but they find out he married the woman and now work at a hot springs........ WTF! The worse part is the ending of the episode where I think she was going to mention something about being pregnant.... one more time WTF!! So yea...... that was episode 24 and it's somewhat close to the last filler episode with the kid and his bike, but it played out like a usual prejudice motif would have. The person doesnt accpet it at first, but does at the end. The fights were good as always, but there wasnt a whole lot since the focus was Jellacit, hell even the villians didnt want to part of this episode. So its not bad, but it was a little boring, but it was nice to see how Jellacit ends his life with the Zangyack, a C. Lets hope the next tribute will be really good and high chance it will be a two parter.

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