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Monday, August 8, 2011

Poll Resuslts #4

Do You Think This Power Rider is an Adaption of Decade?
Yes- 9
No its another series- 4
No- 3

How Do You feel About Fourze Right Now?
Its going to be an amazing series- 4
It's going to be a good series- 11
Its going to be a bad series- 0
It's going to be one of the worst series- 0

From Rverse/Re:birth Which Solo Did You Like The Most?
Gotou- 1
Date- 0
I don't care for solo's- 7

Favoirte OOO Combo Song
Regret Nothing- 2
Got to Keep it Real- 2
Ride on Right Time- 3
Sun Goes Up- 1
Time Judged All- 6
Shout Out- 0
Power To Tearer- 7

My Thoughts
Sadly I do believe that Saban will be adapted Decade. I dont know how, but lets see what happens.
I think Fourze is going to be good and I am tired of all the hate for him when the series hasnt even started yet!
I dont care for the solo's as well I dont even know why they even bother with them.
Putotrya is my favoirte combo from OOO and it has the best song IMO its got Akira singing with Shu!

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