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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kamen Rider Ideas Part One

I have been talking with my friends here and there about Kamen Rider and sometimes we get to the discussion of our own ideas. Ever since I was a child I have been creating characters, my brother and I would make our own stories up and while he stuck with one character, I had to be everyone else. Many times we would base it on things we already knew about, I remember doing the most with the Megaman series and creating many Robot Masters, Reploids, or even Net Navis. So thanks to creating characters for a long time, ideas just pop in my head and so I want to share some of these random thoughts I have for Kamen Riders. Now I am not focusing on stories, but I have been trying to make them as I go. I want to focus on the themes of the riders themselves and their gimmicks.

Kamen Rider Disaster

Disaster was the first one I have thought of, at least from what I can remember. Originally I called him Storm, but I soon changed it to Disaster for well a natural disaster theme. His default form is a lightning form with a sword that is similar to Black RX. Disaster's powers comes from the god of calamity, called Disaster in his world. A ritual is performed on him to posses these powers and become the god who punished the ones who abused this power. Pretty much I kept an idea from the original Kamen Rider which was the who process on how he was created. The big difference is that Disaster is more organic while the original was a cyborg, still both of them are forced into accpeting these powers. Disaster picks up forms from types of enemies he fights as there are many elements. First would be the Wildfire form which is fire form and along with each form comes a new weapon he can materialize and the fire form comes with a throwing axe. Next would be the Tornado form which comes with a lance which creates pirecing winds and when dashing with the lance can make a tornado cover him, and of course he is strong with air combat. Then there is the Ice Age form which comes with knives and daggers as he becomes more mobile on the ground as he creates ice around him. Quake would be next as there is no weapon that comes with it, but the strength is enough as he is slower. With all the elements together he can soon gain his final form, Chaos which can combine the elements as much as he wants.

Kamen Rider Satan (Devil)

I know this is a risky name for a superhero, but this has been one of my favorite ideas for a long time. I play JRPG's a great amount of the time and there is usually religion playing in the story. Most of the times it is showing that some of these religions are not what they seem and that is how I thought of this rider. Satan's default form comes with hellfire and a pitchfork like weapon as he wields it like a halberdier. His has three forms which two of them are making contracts with other spirts of Hell. The first one is Hellhound which is bestial form with claw weapons as this form gives him better speed and abilites to perform combos. The other spirit is the Reaper which gives him a scythe and he is weaker in this form than the others, but it's big focus is dodging and deadly attacks. The final form will be the Gateway form which makes his armor stronger and gives him access to the gates of Hell. He can open the chest part of his armor to summon new attacks like the hands of Hell. He can even redirect attacks if he catches it.

Kamen Rider Cosmos

Cosmos is a space rider as you can tell and Fourze had me thinking of a space rider. I wanted to focus on the whole solar system though. There are powers he must gain from the planets, but not all of them will be form changes. Some of these will be weapons like Saturn will give him chakrams. His defualt form has a heavy star design and his default power comes form Earth which gives him the ability of gravity control. His default weapon in a fencing sword and with the gravational changes he can make faster or slower and stronger attacks. Now an issue I had was thinking of using the Sun or Mars for the fire form, but I went for the Sun as this will be before his final form. With the Sun he can control solar flares and can even make blinding lights. The Mars spirit can give him bombs though can cause chemical reactions and he can create different types of bombs with these reactions. The Pluto form gives the power to make any projectile smaller and he can use this to even hide some weapons he decides to throw. Now the power will still be kept intact which is what makes this a tricky form. The Neptune form is a parry like state where he can bounce off attacks when timed correctly, I got this idea because the planet is the most dense. Mercury gives a small knife, but when whatever it stabs will experience a major change of temperature. Venus will be another form which creates a double hit ability for Cosmos making each attack more powerful. Jupiter then gives Cosmos two gaunlets to use in combat. Uranus is a form change that works well as it can create projectiles of both ice and rock. Finally there is Universal which gives him a King's Sword that can freely combine the powers of the planets.

Kamen Rider Infinite

Infinite is a energy based rider that can also use the elements, but heavily differs from Disaster. First of all, Infinite does not use weapons, except for his final, but his form changes require him to change his combat style. Infinite's default form uses the energy around him to make stronger hits and when he does get hit he can sap from energy from his foes to increase his attacks. The fire state makes his attacks more powerful, but it burns his energy quickly. Wind gives him an additional attack with his fists as the gusts become stronger around them. The Water state gives him the ability to slow down attacks as the water flows around the foes. Infinite's final form is called Soul which gives a short sword where he can focus the most of his energy there to create strong slashes. When he stabs foes with this sword he can use the Soul Burst to use his enemies' energy to burst out of them.

Kamen Rider Totem

Totem and Infinite have a similar bond which I could get to in another post. Totem's theme is the animal spirits. His default form has Totem only focus on his strength as his style has a bit of wrestling with it. Out of the fighters, Totem is the most brutal in his style. There is the Bull form that gives him two sais and he can cause ramming attacks with these swords as he can equip them into his head and use his like a bull. The Crow form gives him the ability to fly and gives a bow and arrow. The Deer form makes his kicks much more powerful than before. Salmon form gives him a staff that creates splashing attacks. His final form is called Gathering where he can use the full power of the spirits. Here he can summon a giant totem to use as a weapon and even materalize the animal spirts.

This will end part one then since there are ten more I have thought of, again these simply can just come into my head. I am just trying to keep a solid memory of them as well and simply typing them down will be helpful. If you enjoy these, I can easily continue to do more. Also sorry about the lack of posts, there is just too much personal shit going on, but doing posts like these really does help to make me type some more.


  1. I may be tardy to the party, but I'd still love to give my two cents on it.

    Disaster: An interesting concept. My only note would be considering giving him a power based on flood/tsunami/water. I would have mention something about hurricanes, but seeing you had tornado made it unnecessary. Then again, given many natural disasters are usually a combination of different elements, perhaps Chaos could cover that. Like Wildfire/Quake=Drought, Tornado/Tsunami=Hurricane, etc. Other than that, seems fine to me.

    Satan/Devil: Outside the name, this seems like a great idea! Risky, yes, but for Japan, it could work. After all, they did create Devilman. As for the name, I would recommend Stigma. It is based off the Greek number/letter system, so it would draw parallels to Faiz, but it would also work, given the definition of stigma is a mark of shame and disgrace. Fits the Devil perfectly, if you ask me. On that note, I think Hellhound is fine, but I believe Cerberus would be a good name as well, since he is the Hound of Hell. EDIT: Though, as for story, I think you're onto something with the 'religion not what it seems to be' story. Perhaps the story is a religion started by the minions of Hell, against the wishes of the Devil, to corrupt humans, so he has the hero be the one to send his minions back to Hell. No pun intended.

    Cosmos: I was thinking Fourze, and then you mentioned it. XD Course, if I could suggest, you could have the main Rider be the Inner Planets, and have a Secondary be the Outer. Honestly, I kinda stole the idea from Sailor Moon, but this idea kinda steals from Fourze with the Space theme, so it all comes around full circle. Course, the idea of exploring the Solar System would open up a universe of possibilites! And that time, the pun was definitely intended.

    Infinite/Totem: The weaponless fighting style of Showa Era, the Animal motif of OOO, the direct sequel reminiscent of Black and Black RX. I'd love to hear more about these two!

    All-in-all, great ideas! A little polishing here and there, but awesome, all the same! You don't have to listen to my ideas. Simply wanted to speak my mind about them, but it's totally your call what you want to do with them. After all, it is your idea.

    Welp, you have a good one!

    1. Funny enough with Totem, his story is before Infinite's. Also I like the name idea for Satan, works around with a gimmick there, but the problem then would be the secondary rider and such.

    2. Oh? Do you mean the secondary I mentioned, or did you have a secondary Rider for Satan?

  2. Nevermind. Just saw your post about your Secondary Riders. I can see where your problem would be. I would suggest changing the names around to make it fit, it that was the problem. Like I said previously, though: your ideas, your call.