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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Review

Since I have been gone a while I think its time for my first Sentai series review and why not with the series I started with Go-onger! Go-onger is about a team of five young adults who have been selected by the Engines to help them fight the Gariak a machine race that wants to pollute the many worlds so they can live there. The Engines are from Machine World and they chased the Gariak out of their world, but now they go to the Human World and find out they cannot stay in their normal form as they shrink and their souls come out of their bodies. This is why they needed the help of the humans so that they can be summoned to battle. With new members joining both humans and engines they gain new powers to fight off the Gariak. Like other sentai series its pretty simple, but that is what the franchise is known for and it always works well mostly with the help of many elements. Go-onger shares some similarites with Carranger as it as a car theme and is a comedy series. The comedy in this series can go over the top and sometimes they can do things you won't expect coming. The series can also have serious moments like in the final episodes or a big fight with the main villians. The characters also go through this as they can serious or comedic. Sosuke is a fighter who always believes in himself and even without a lot of training he fights very hard and well. Sosuke is also known for going over the top during the time of action if it is a fight or something happens with the gang. Renn is probably the most mature out of the group as he acts like a motherly figure with the team because he can do many chores like cooking. Saki is similar to Sosuke as she has a lot of belief in herself as she loves to smile a lot. Even if she does get sad she can boost herself back up. Hanto is a part-time worker as he soon joins the team because of his interest in them. He does get other jobs at times and sometimes he doesnt stay because of his short attention span, but during a fight if he puts is mind to it he can do a lot. Gunpei is a former detective as so he says as he wanted to join the team because he wanted to stop the Gariack as he is a great shot. At first he seemed very serious, but when he joins the team he starts to be more relaxed and can go over the top as well. Hiroto and Miu are the Go-on Wings and at first they didnt want to be involved with the Go-ongers because of their lack of experience. They are the most serious characters as they fight very differently than the others. Soon though they start to change as they get used to the team.

I will also talk about the Engines because they are characters as well and they can play big parts in the series by helping the heroes. First is Speedor who is Sosuke's partner and acts like him as speed is his game. Buson is Renn's partner and he likes to talk a lot and he has his own opinions on everyone as he sometimes talks about them at times. Bear RV is a female engine and she is very close to Saki as both act very much the same as she is happy a lot. Birca is similar to Hanto as well as he follows with him at times and encourages him at times he can also speak some other languages at times. Gunpherd is a serious engine as he always wants to be perfect and he acts like a police officer which gives him and Gunpei a great bond. There are many other engines, but we will be here forever if I talk about each one. The villians are interesting as they can be very smart, but sometimes they have dumb plans and can act like idiots. First is Yogostein and he is the most serious one and looks like the most powerful of the group, but he can actually have too much belief in himself which does blind him at times and can lead to some big downers for him. Kitaneidas is the brains out of the three and at first he never understood Yogostein at times, but he did like him. The same can be said about Kegaleshia as she never understood him either. She is also the one that can get mad the most as that can affect her plans at times. Overall every character has a comedic side and yet can act serious.

Pros- I like the comedy in this series because at times I cant predict what will happen and that is good for any type of series. The cast is also great I have to say even with some falling a little weak at times, but overall they all can be strong. The main fights are well done as they can add new weapons, allies, or anything else to keep things fresh. The engines are nice little characters because they can boost the series up and like the others they can be very funny at times. The villians are pretty nice as they can prove to be a threat, but at times can act silly. The final episodes are great imo because everything cant be all happy as those episodes were more serious which does remind me of Den-o because their final episodes were serious as well. The new characters are very good like Hiroto and Miu are amazing characters because of their great fighting experience and how strict they are at times, but they soon start to relax. Even new villians are great because they show how powerful the Gariack are as they can be a great challenge.

Cons- The mecha fights are good when they started, but soon when they started to pile more engines on it, the fights got a little boring. Sometimes the comedy can fire back because there are some points you will go "What the hell!" Some characters can be ignored, but it isnt as bad as Goseiger because each member can play a role in each episode.

Overall- Go-onger is a personal favorite of mine because it can always make me laugh and can be very action packed. It also has good serious moments as the actors can switch around their moods greatly. Sure the mecha fights can get boring soon, but those are always near the end and the other action scenes are great. I give Go-onger an A- because of its great comedy, cast, and action.

The movie was ok even though it was short.


  1. Nice review. I like Go-Onger, and think it's a good but not great series. Overall, I think what carries the show is the cast (save for Renn and Hanto, IMO), the Engines, and the show's awesome music. One element about Go-Onger that I thought was well done was friendship, both with the Go-Ongers and their Engines, and the villains. I think it was the friendship among the Gaiark villains that made them unique and interesting. However, at other times the villains' silliness and the Green Aesop makes the Gaiark kinda annoying.

  2. I understand what you are saying and yes friendship is a theme that is done very well in this series. There are good episodes with that throughout the series. Also the Gaiark do have the green aesop with them, but it is done way better than the Yamajuu in Goseiger.

  3. I like the ranger suits, and its soundtrack...

    ...that's it.