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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Reveals: Super TaToBa, Rocket and Magnet States, and Meteor

I have been gone a while and I'm sorry about that it. I have been busy the last couple of days. Well with a new trailer of Megamax out we see the new form for OOO which people are saying will be the final form.
I need to say this though, I dont like this new form at all. I like the taka part, but everything else doesnt fit at all. The black that OOO's body had gave more design for the colors, but now yellow and green dominate the suit. It looks like someone threw up on him. Maybe when I see it fight I could be fine, but I rather have Putotyra as the final form. Also I dont like the rumors that to access this form the switches have to set backwards so Batta will be first and Taka will be last as Tora stays in the middle. It seems dumb and pointless because you could have just made three new medals because with all of this time disortion plots for the movie it sounds more possible.

There is also a better look at Rocket States which looks better than I thought from a previous image. The new S-1 switch is a little too big, but I guess it makes sense because I think all the form change switches will be for the right slot. Also the switch is called S-1 which makes me think about Super-1 and this could be hinting a possible team up with him. The orange actually looks nice as it also has silver and blue which balances well. I wonder how the limit break will work for this one, I guess he just has to hit it.
Now there are images of another form which will be the form that will made Fourze's head increase in size. I thought it was going to look stupod when I heard about the head becoming bigger, but the by this image the design will use it well because the suit will also get a little bigger as well. I really like the idea of having two switches to make the form and its pretty smart because of North and South like the magnetic poles. Fourze will also get cannons on his shoulders. The color doesnt fit the monster from Metalder, but overall this form looks good so far.

Now my favorite new design so far is the secondary rider of Fourze, Meteor. I really like the suit itself because of the star design and the blue is a very nice touch for the black suit. Sadly though his belt is kinda ugly and it looks like Birth's belt. There is also the huge devices on his right hand I mean damn those are big, but they will have a lot of power no doubt. The switch this rider will use has no number which means that a lot of more switches without numbers will appear in upcoming movies or the series. I am a little mad that my idea for Meteor is gone now. I will probably have to call him Comet, but high chance that will be Meteor's final form. Reminding me of final forms there are rumors about Fourze's final form being called Apollo States which sounds awsome, but it is said to be switch number 40 so I think it is real, but not the final form.

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