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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 31 Review: Holy S&$%!!!

Well this is the Ohranger episode and it begins with Basco going for the great powers of sentai warriors. He gets Changeman's powers judging by the flag with the Earth Defense logo on it sadly we dont see who it is. That could mean no tribute or they are keeping it secert heck I'm wondering if he is alive? Well Momo informs Gorou about another power being stolen as now its time to start their plan. With the crew Navi gets a new clue as she goes UAOH! Gai has no idea what it means, but Luka thinks it has to do with someone screaming so they look around amusement parks. Soon they find Momo who is outside yelling out loud for the Gokaigers to find her. Gai finds out what the clue was as its the military force that the Ohrangers were in. Now Gorou is making an agreement with Basco for info about the Zangyack ship and in return he will give him the powers of Ohranger. Momo says she will give them the powers, but she uses them for shopping, massages, and cooking. After the team leave for a chore she starts to look over the time a lot. Joe finds out this is all part of a plan as Gorou is going to meet Basco. Momo tells the group about the trade. Gai is disapointed because of what a man he is who has faced many horrors and he is now just giving up.

With the trade Basco doesnt keep his agreement as well as Gorou as he set up explosives near Basco. Momo then tells them that it was a trap to get the powers back from Basco and since he hasnt responded yet it means the mission as failed and she tries giving the team the powers of Ohranger. Marvelous doesnt take the offer because they are pirates and they will explore to take what they want. Gorou is having trouble because well their is an age difference now and he doesnt have his powers, but he traps Basco as he plans to blow the whole building apart. Sadly though Basco summoned the extra heroes who have disarmed the bomb, but Basco did look scared though. Now he was probably acting, but there had to be some thought if they didnt get the bombs and I bet he didnt see the chains coming out to trap him. Basco tries to go for the powers, but the team stop him as they fight the extra heroes.

Gai transforms into the Go-on Wings combo and Gold Mode to defeat Zuuban and Wolzard Fire, but somehow they grow big. So again why wasnt Ninjaman an extra hero? Well he takes them on with Gozyurex as the team are having trouble fighting the other summons. They get the powers from Gorou though and use Ohranger's powers. First I love the Ohranger transformation its quick, but still very flashy so it easily did the same in this episode, but not the same sound effect. Now this is my favorite fight of the series so far mostly because it shows the weapons of each memeber and in the background we see Gozyujin fight the other two. The team even use the Ole Bazooka after Gai finishes the two summons. After that they do the usual group finisher and Gai gets all the keys before the monkey could take them back.

Now all that was left was Basco himself, Marve tries to attack him, but somehow he blocks the attack. Basco shows his true form and why he had a big bounty on his head back then. Basco is completely strong as he defeats Gai, by what I thought was breaking his arm and zapping him till he passed out! He also easily deflects the group finisher and defeats them all in one quick move. There Marve is the only one who still moves as Basco shows that he has the powers of Changeman, Flashman, and Maskman. He leaves after that as Gorou and Momo try to help them as Marve screams out "Basco!"

Wow what an episode this was, this is another great tribute episode. The beginning was good, but it was the great fights and showing off how powerful Basco is made this episode great. First even a sentai veteran had trouble taking him down as Basco was one step ahead. Also he took three powers showing he can easily go for them himself, but he rather let the team collect them so he can get all of the rest in one day. When the team transformed into the Ohrangers it was a great fight showing off the powers and use the team's finishers like with the cannon. Now I'm wondering if the team will use the extra hero keys because it would be very interesting to see Zuuban in a skirt, lol. Well with showing two sentai veterans, great fights, and showing how powerful Basco is and why I'm glad I put him in my favorite villians list I give this episode an A- Next week its time for the Gokaiger's cannon to be used and its odd to have a filler episode like this right after an episode like this, but it should be fine.


  1. And so at this day, Changeman, Flashman and Maskman fans weep that they have been trolled by Basco who takes away their tribute episodes. God damn it Basco! Stop becoming more like Terumi Yuuki without the troll laugh!

    At any rate, solid episode overall. I never watched Ohranger that far, so I never thought Momo was this... HYPER (just a facade, but still. Damn!). Looks like I should watch out for this more. Great post!

  2. I remember her being an active character she mostly had a good amount of humor in the series as well. I saw some of Ohranger and its a good series so far. I have no idea why people hated this one a lot back then. Another thing the actress for Momo still looks pretty young there are some old veterans like Gingared who looked like age really got him, but she still looks damn nice I must say.