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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goakiger Guest Star Rumors

Well it seems that Gokaiger will be doing a lot more tributes in a row now, but they are rumors and there are other rumors that Gokaiger will have more than 50 episodes Also they are still rumors so they could be true or false. First is the Go-onger tribute which will be a two parter with Yasuhisa Furuhara returning as Go-on Red this will also debut the Gokai-oh and Gozyujin combination mecha. Go-onger was the first sentai I saw so I really cant wait to see this Sosuke is one of my fave red warriors. Also this will be a two parter so there leaves a lot of time to do many references to the series. Go-on Yellow did appear in both movies, but she wont appear in the series, darn.

Next is the Dairanger episode which will have Keiichi Wada play as Ryou (Ryuuranger) and another red favorite of mine. Sadly still no rumors about Yutaka returning, but he could easily do a voice role like a past villian for Liveman did in that tribute episode. If Jin is even mentioned I will be happy because so far there hasnt been any reference to Yutaka expect for Liveman talking about the friends who turned evil.

Right after Dairanger is the Kakuranger tribute having Teruaki Ogawa play another role of his as Ninja Red. I dont know much about Kakuranger, but I do have a feeling that they will make a comparison to KuroKishi for a joke since its the same actor. There could even be a chance for a Ninjaman ranger key to be introduced if possible.

I have a feeling that sword will be the power for the mecha

Next is Megaranger having Hayato Oshiba and Masaya Matsukaze to play as their roles of Megared and Megablue. I have seen over twenty episodes of this series and the team up with Carranger. It would be very cool if they use the Nejirangers for this episode because how awsome would that be. Seeing our new heroes fight an evil sentai. That would probably be very hard though to get all five voice actors though, but if it happens it would make fans happy.

Now another pre zyu sentai series tribute with Fiveman! Toshiya Fuji will return as Fivered and I saw about ten episodes of that series and I really like it. So I may not know a lot, but Fiveman is a series I want to see very badly. The fight scene will probably be awsome because the team will use the Five Tectors.

Next is a big pre zyu series Bioman with Ryosuke Sakamoto as Red One returning. I have seen a couple of episodes and I do know how big this series got with fans. It also got a lot of international fans so this will be a big episode for Gokaiger no doubt about that.

Now the 2nd sentai series will get their tribute JAKQ! With big toku star Hiroshi Miyauchi returing as Big One. I really cant wait for this episode because we will see the master of disguise at work again. Also he is a big star in the toku franchise playing as the Aoranger, Kamen Rider V3, and Zuubat. So seeing a big star like him is going to be a lot of fun.

Now this is the tribute I cannot wait for the Sun Vulcan tribute! Its another red returning, but its both of them! Yes both Ryusuke Oowashi and Takayuki Godai will return and how awsome is that both of the VulEagles will return it will be very interesting to see these two together. I do wonder though how will the fight go because Sun Vulcan only had three members. They should at least have Doc be VulPanther because seeing the three males fight it out as Sun Vulcan will be great.

Finally the last tribute that has been mentioned is Battle Fever J the thrid sentai series and the first one to have a robo. It will have Kenji Ohba who played as Battle Kenya and yes! Kenya is a favorite of mine and I so cant wait also he played as Denjiblue and Gavan the first metal hero so another big toku star will appear. for the mecha power because it will summon the Battle Fever Robo and it wont be a quick summon hopefully I want to see that robo in action because its the first robo in sentai!

So yea they took some cheap shots with using similar actors with Ninjared and Battle Kenya, but its very hard to get actors to play roles again because there could be money issues or something else with their lives. Just be happy there are even any past actors. Im also still wondering if there will be tribute for Changeman, Flashman, and Maskman because of episode 31 of Gokaiger if you saw it you know what I'm thinking about.


  1. Well, to list up the missing series...

    Unlike Abaranger, Zyuranger and Timeranger might not get a new tribute ep. Too bad.

    Goranger, Goggle V, Dynaman and Turboranger not getting their tribute eps but at least their Great Powers are already safe in the Gokaigers. I'm just more worried if they end up not doing what kind of thing the Goggle V, Dynaman and Turboranger Great Power do without their tribute eps.

    Well, it's just rumors and we're not sure if the eps will be accurate. But if the rumor of 'Gokaiger goes beyond 50 episodes', there may be hope yet.

  2. I think it will go beyond 50 episodes because this is a huge series and toei is making a lot of money on it. They will easily have to tribute the first sentai series. There is also the fact that there is the story of Basco and what he knows. Also the villians could have something soon like with Barizorg and I think Damaras will do something as well.

  3. Go-onRed: Meh. Gimme Change, Flash, and Mask! >:(

    Ryuuranger: Awesomeness! =D

    NinjaRed: Awesomeness again!

    MegaRed and MegaBlue: Double awesomeness! lol. Nejirangers? Sigh. The evil sentai team concept is something that REALLY needs to make a comeback. -__-

    FiveRed: Ugh. Not Fiveman... -__-

    Red One: Oh, nice.

    Big One: I'll only be happy if he's kickass like he was in Gao vs SS. If he's a spotlight hog like in JAKQ, then forget it. xP

    VulEagle I and II: Sounds interesting. But meh, I don't like Sun Vulcan. xP

    Battle Kenya: Sweet!

  4. I like go onger and red was a great character for me. I actually havent seen change or flash yet, but I have started to watch Mask.

    As I said before Ryuuranger is awsome and Dairanger is another big favorite of mine even though I havent seen all the episodes.

    I barley know anything about Kakuranger

    I agree there needs to be another evil sentai, maybe gokaiger could do it who knows.

    I am liking Fiveman, but the characters are a little dull, expect for yellow though I like her.

    Bioman is huge and yet I havent seen it yet...

    I really liked Big One he is the inspiration of Tommy being the white ranger (JK) lol

    You didnt like Sun Vulcan O_O!!!!

    I know some of battle fever and kenya is my favorite, but that is mostly because of who the actor is. Also Battle Fever Robo is a personal fave of mine just because its the classic mecha and it looked great even if it was the 70's

  5. @Fantasy Leader: Blame Basco then. He makes the Changeman, Flashman and Maskman episodes impossible. God damn troll, not only he trolls Marv-chan, he trolls the fanbase too now!

    Regardless, I'm seeing more positive that they will go beyond 50 eps. You know something is up if it's just episode 32 we got a CANNON upgrade.

    And hey, at least the Fiveman episode doesn't involve a certain decaying villain or annoying doll sequences.

    Well Sun Vulcan would've been solid, but for us horny boys out there, lack of ladies seems to be an obstacle to enjoy Sun Vulcan. I gotta get over that...

    I've been watching Bioman but... really, maybe I don't feel as hyped as the rest because I'm not a Filipino (then again the same could be said for non-Indonesian with Goggle V...)

  6. Yea I agree its going to be more than 50 episodes and there will be tribute episodes for those teams one of them could be during an episode when they get them back. Then the other two will appear later in the series after they got them from Basco. Sun Vulcan is a great series that has a personal favorite cast they did their roles greatly. The series was just a lot of fun because of them.

  7. Well, I can't really wait for the Dai, Kaku, Mega, Bio and Five tribute episodes. :)

    As for the Nejiranger, since they were turned into data cards in Mega 48, Basco could retrieve them from Dr. Hinelar's destroyed city, but I doubt that happens.

    Boooo to Go-onger for stealing two episodes. I think I would rather have a stand-alone episode.
    @FL, I know you are not a fan of Fiveman, but don't lie and say that Go-on red deserved those two episodes more than Gaku.

  8. Oh yeah, I think Fiveman is a better show than Go-onger. Even though they're both on my low list. xP And I'm pretty sure the tribute eps will have plenty of enjoyment. It's just, I want certain other seasons to get a tribute ep instead. Like Turboranger! And nothing against FiveRed, but the only Fiveman that I thought was any good was FiveYellow. And seeing how Gokaiger has been very faithful to past Sentai seasons, I wouldn't be surprised if the Five-kun Puppets at least got hinted. lol.

    Yeah, Basco is trolling the fans now. He even made sure to knock out Gai. Lol. Oh well.

    I think Bioman is a pretty decent season. It's got some really good fight scenes and other bits of fun creativity here and there. I personally am not a big fan, as I prefer shows like Change, Flash, Mask, Live, and Turbo. But it's still a fun show! =) But I'm not with the big Bioman fandom. lol xD

    LOL at the Big One/Tommy quote from godzilla606.

    Sun Vulcan is my least favorite 80s sentai, and one of my least favorites in the franchise in general. There's a lot of elements in the show that really bug me. For starters, I find all the characters to be boring and forgettable (except Machiko Soga's Hedrian). Both VulEagles were way too similar imo. I really don't like it's music (except the opening theme). And the show bugs me for how it tries to be a serious spy style show, but quickly reverts to extreme silliness. And not in a good way imo. xP I think the best thing about Sun Vulcan is that it has some of the best fight scenes in sentai. While Sun Vulcan is one of the most popular seasons ever, I personally don't care much for it and find it rather overrated. Sorry. xP

  9. Well Go-onger was my first sentai series so I guess its a soft spot for me also I just liked the humor it had. Yet it still had good characters that kept my attention. I love the engines because they were also characters and the show didnt forget about those characters even though there are so many. I did only see a couple episodes of Sun Vulcan, but I like it because I like the characters and I get ur point about the spy thing. Now when a mission begins they try to be quiet if theyre spotted though its time to go all out. Thats what I think also after fights they do have lives so of course some of them like VulPanther will act hyper.