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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 44 Review: Darkness Awaits (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

Chaos is ready to finally take action into his own hands again and with his new commanders on his side he is taking big steps to revive Debos. What is Chaos planning and will he succeed?
Chaos is showing why he is the leader of the villains, when he takes action he does something and it's always big. Chaos is smart and even though he took his sweet time to get back into action he made sure to make an impact. With the help of his two new commanders they easily gather the remaining human emotions that are needed to revive Debos. The plan is very simple and I'm wondering why it took this long for someone to think of a plan like this. Actually trapping people does remind me of similar plans that the Debos did, I guess it's a really good way of capturing emotions? What Chaos does is make a record that has happiness and sadness in it and by putting it into himself he makes the final contribution for the two emotions. I wasn't prepared to see that Chaos is a living record player though. I really wished Chaos had more episodes where he was more involved in filler episodes though, would have been interesting to see him make monsters that can convey many emotions at the same time.
Also he lost control of himself?
Joining Chaos in this plan are two new commanders who represent sadness and happiness. Chaos is actually getting tired with failures so he made two new commanders to over throne them basically. Now the two are still in the team, but they are not that important anymore. Even though the new commanders just wear robes I personally love their look. It's so simple that is works perfectly. The two gets faces and their masks are huge and I can finally some details on them. Another thing that I love about them is their music theme, one is the conductor and the other plays the trumpet. This is a pretty cool way to introduce new villains as I know they are going to have new forms soon, but man it's the forty-fourth episode and we got new villains?
This is another moment where I can see this happening at a much earlier point in the series. Personally I think this could have worked well with the first revival of Debos. Since the soul of Chaos has to be awakened first, I think that would have worked well into the series. Debos using Chaos' body to control and takes on the team for the first time and it easily would be a big moment for the series near the halfway point. Along with that they easily could have introduced Endolf and the two new commanders at that moment as well as Debos could have made them or reawakened them. Then to work in with the heroes side of the story this would work well for Kyoryu Violet to come into the series or have the Spirit Ranger pass their powers onto others (I'm sorry, I did hear about this, but that is the only spoiler I know). It would be a big progression episode and easily would have worked nicely has a big three arced story or even more if they want to. Overall, the series should have done more things like they are right now much earlier in the series because I've been waiting too long for progression like this.
Even though this did take a while, this doesn't affect the actual episode itself. I really liked what happens in this episode so this would just be a flaw to the series overall. What Chaos does it great because he finds a simple plan to use that adds onto what he wants. Going on, Debos takes control of his body when his soul get reawakened. This would have been a great point in the middle of the series as the team would have a taste of Debos' power like they did when his body got resurrected. Personally I am more of a fan seeing that Debos has a mind and not just a savage monster. Then it would be cool to see Debos become the new leader as he completely takes over Chaos' body until his real body awakens. This would then follow the time limit that the series put up now. It would be a pretty long time limit as it would represent the defrosting of Debos' body. Now I do not know what exactly the timer for this is right now, but I guess it's something similar to what I am thinking. So I am happy about Debos being revealed like this showing that he has a mind and is an actual thinking monster as we see how strong he is with a different body.
There was something stupid in this episode though and that is this mysterious trump card that the villains have. In one scene Endolf is in a place where the Earth's melody is and there someone meets him there. Endolf also brings this guy back to the Frozen Castle as you can clearly tell who it is. The series doesn't even try to hide it since you see his clothing, his big stick, and you hear the bells that the guy has. I mean who could it be? Oh wait it's King's dad, I mean wow how obvious was it? Oh wait, it was very obvious! Still I wonder what exactly he is doing being on the side of Debos now. I bet it has to do something with the melodies like he needs to learns Debos' melody. So maybe his reasoning for why he is doing this will be the twist, but wow the series just ruined the so called suspense for this mystery.
For once in a long time the series actually does have some suspense. The series barely has these moments because the heroes just pull out wins out of nowhere at many times or they just hold onto scenes for too long. Here it's suspense that keeps it's grip because there are multiple things happening. It even goes with a follow up pattern, things get worse at each step of the plan. First is with the new villains, one shows up and when the second one shows up not even Carnival Mode can take them on. Second is that Chaos summons Debos' soul and he is very powerful, then things get worse when we learn that now monster can just grow large by Debos' command. The villains got their foot heavily planted down on the heroes as their only resort is to try to destroy the Frozen Castle.
Sadly the action wasn't much though as the suspense element was kept a little too high. This episode isn't bad though for that, personally I end up loving the more dramatic episodes at many times. Dekaranger is a great example of that as there are episodes that aren't high in action. Now this episode doesn't reach that level of brilliance, but it did well. I would have loved to see things like this come earlier, but Chaos did a great job and that makes me happy to see the villains have this big advantage right now. I would give it a B- overall though, it did play out a little well to expected and there were some obvious moments that do ruin the feel of suspense.
Next Time: King VS King!

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