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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kyoryuger Episode 45 Review: Earth's Betrayal? (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

The heroes quickly go back into battle and try to take down the Frozen Castle before Debos reawakens, but are they sure that everyone is on the side of good? Also I just realized that next week I'm going to be done with the series, expect Gaim reviews soon.
One thing I did like with this episode is that it went straight into the action as it's a nice follow up method since the previous episode shown us the team is ready for an assault. Also an episode that is actually going to have action for once is nice as well. Kyoryuger and the action is surprisingly not the best so having episodes like these are great to have because having fights in an action series is needed. All I am that saying is that Kyoryuger can have a lack of focus for the fights, but luckily the action started the episode and the episode ends with drama, but still an impact of some kind. We even had some interesting looks on the robot fights which the series can do really poorly with so again its good when there are good examples of action. This episode did spice up their usual methods or used methods from previous episodes that haven't been seen before.
I know it's odd for me to talk about the action in the beginning of the episode, but that is how this episode played out. The first fight to focus on is with the heroes on the ground facing, Chaos, Endolf, and the two new commanders. Even though there wasn't anything heavily flashy or anything it still had some nice quick moments. First, is that the fight had more stunts to pull off than usual and this continues on later in the episode as well. Amy and Souji took on the conductor as he was blocking Souji's sword with a baton as Amy tries to get him even when she was down. Ian's gun skills didn't stand against the trumpet player that entirely well and Nossan's wrestling moves didn't help as well. Now the bad example was with King and Ucchi fighting Endolf, this one felt lazier than anything. It just had a slow pace compared to the other parts of the fight and the worst part is that at the end the stunt actors barely make contact and yes I know Endolf was doding, but the scene made it look like King wasn't even close. Then there was Torin who had more of a robot fight with Bragigas on his side trying to finish Debos before the revival, but sadly he failed. At least Torin went for the finisher quicker than last time he had to fight the giant Debos.
Debos has been revived and he has taken on a new form because he took human emotions so now he had acquired a humanoid form. I do have to wonder though if Debos always had a conscious though. It would be a cool idea if he got smarter thanks to Chaos using human emotions as the barbaric giant beast turns into a genius. I also think this because Debos' last form was based on the dinosaurs and that would explain why he was just a giant monster because dinosaurs weren't the smartest of beings. Either way I do love the idea of Debos getting a new form, but I wonder why it's has a butterfly motif. I guess there is some cultural view on butterflies in Japan? Still his design is lovely to look at since it's awesome that he keeps old parts from his last form along with some new things. Then his first fight was pretty enjoyable since he starts off with a surprise attack from behind and each attack he had made the team fly! Then they actually did a little stunt moment with that suit even though they went with the lazy way of slowing down King and speeding up Debos' footage, but it does show that he is above them in speed as well.
Debos' strength is also unimaginable as they easily show that off by having him catch Bragi-oh's axe! Another thing to fear about him is that he can grow big freely like how Endolf and the two new commanders did in the previous episode. Debos does this with his scarf as when he takes it off it causes him to grow and the scarf is a nice addition with his design, a new color to add in his layout of green, black, and pink. His power is also shown on how easy he shoves the giant robot back so easily. All he was using was his staff, he didn't have to grab or punch the robot at all. His finisher is another visual treat from the series as a giant energy butterfly is made as it flies towards the robot and when it explodes tiny butterflies appear and explode as well. In the end we get to see Debos being smart as when fighting Torin he has someone kill him since he doesn't want Torin to return. So the only way is to use a human and that human is no other than Dantestu.
All I have to say, what a shock! Oh wait no it isn't. The previous episode really ruined this twist and there are also many other things that don't help as well. Other than the unsubtle way of showing us the twist with Dantetsu clearly being seen in the last episode, but the beginning of the episode doesn't help either. Torin gives Souji his sword. Souji even says this is bad luck! Also having Torin being so called killed is not that big of a shock before. We had this before and he came back last time so I have a feeling he is going to come back again. I may not know how he is coming back, but the series already teased us with death many times before so I'm not expecting it to actually be delivered. Also when Torin got stabbed, the scene cuts to the team's face which should be full of shock, but some of their faces don't even have expressions until they see Torin turn to sand. Even the title of this episode ruins it as it clearly says "Silver's End."
Now what is Dantetsu's reason for doing this? Well it's quite simple and something that has already been done before in Sentai. Dantetsu is fighting for the Earth as all he wants is to end the destruction of it. He meets Endolf so that he can get into the Frozen Castle and make a deal with Debos. Dantetsu will kill Torin and that will stop the Clock of Destruction he doesn't even care for the rest of humanity, all he wants is the Earth to live on. He even continues to fight as he picks up Torin's gun and transforms into Kyoryu Silver. Dantetsu being Silver is actually pretty cool, even though he is pretty much a villain now. Dantetsu is a fist fighter and seeing that being incorporated is awesome. I love his finisher as he uses his wind punch to force the team down on the ground and making them blast off. So what's the familiar part you ask, this is just Gosei Knight all over again. Now I did really enjoy Gosei Knight and for the man who hears Earth's melody it makes sense, but it's just way too similar. Dantetsu's reason for killing Torin was the twist and not the reveal itself.
Another thing that is fixed here is how King's focus is being used. Now I would still like more reactions from the team themselves, but we did get that near the end of the episode. It makes sense why King would be getting the focus here because his own father has become a villain. On top of that, Dantetsu gives his son a good beat down. Again there is an actual feel of suspense here since the team was put in a corner and was still getting kicked into it. Dantetsu was the team's final hope and he gave the final blow to the team's hope. There were some actors who could pull this off like Ucchi who wasn't crying, but couldn't find the words to comfort Amy. Nossan was a total mess as he was limping around and had red eyes. Ian got rid of his brave front and had two quick tears and a quick yell. Souji who was keeping calm about the situation, but easily still feels sad. Amy and King were the ones who I didn't feel did as well. Amy sounded like she was using her comedic voice at her final line and King still sounded arrogant like always even if he had his voice lowered. While King was on the ground then he hears the Earth since he was bathed in the light as well. I do like how the series didn't forget about that since I was wondering how King couldn't hear Earth's melody, but now he can.
The final thing to mention is about how the villains are going to do somethings like killing off their own kind. Chaos worries that Candy is going to be like Torin as Debos gives out the order to kill her. They are going to ignore Lucky since he is just a child still. Aigarion over hears the conversation and even he is going to be killed anyways since Chaos had two replacements for Happiness and Sadness. The new commanders finally show their new forms as I'm not a big fan of Killbolero since his design looks like a mess mostly with his head having random balls and flowers. I do like Icerond's designs though as it's easy to look at and it shows it's theme very well. So now Aigarion is on the run to save Candy and the way he escaped was doing the "What's over there" technique... WHAT?! 
Episode forty-five had some really strong points for the series. There was actually more action this time and it mixes nicely with the suspense. Debos' reveal was well done since he got to show off how strong he was and what abilities he has. Dantetsu's reveal as a villain was ruined from the last episode, but it's still a good idea as his reasoning does support this even though that idea was used before. Having Dantetsu being Kyoryu Silver is great and seeing his fist moves with the suit is amazing as well. On top of that is some okay drama from the actors and showing some issues with the villains themselves. I would give the episode a B+ mostly since the direction for this episode was off at times and it did ruin the mood sometimes.
Next Time: King VS King: Round Two!

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