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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kamen Rider Ideas Part Two

I'm bored again so why not have more random ideas from my head. That's the intro so let's move on!

Kamen Rider Greed
For those who do not know one of my favorite things of just ever is the No More Heroes franchise. So of course I wanted the idea of ranked battles in Kamen Rider and done properly, I'm looking at you Ryuki! Still the major thing about Greed is that he works with the concept of the sin greed. His default form can make weapons out of different types of coins and I am sticking with American currency because they sound better in my head. His weapons would be, the Penny Darts, Nickel Sword, Dime Guns, Quarter Disc, and Half Dollar Shield. With Greed then he can only summon a limited amount of these weapons which is why the Penny Darts can actually be more useful than the Dime Guns because there can be more darts than the dime bullets. Later on he gets the Silver, Gold, and Platinum forms which are based on credit cards and the higher he goes the more power he is and the more he can summon. The final form is called Dealer where he can gamble his powers to the extreme, but all of his attacks have changed. There are the cards he can deal and if he gets a blackjack, it causes an explosion where they make an impact. The Slot Wheels are three wheels he can summon that can be aggresive weapons on their own, but when they land there are different attacks with them. Cherry Bombs, Jewel Laser, Bell Counter, and Lucky Sevens. The first two are strong attacks like the Cherry Bombs are a near end barrage of bombs, Jewel Laser is a small yet powerful laser that can pierce nearly anything. Then comes the Bell Counter and when summon hits him it causes a loud vibration that disrupts the foe's ears. Finally the Lucky Sevens give him the strongest attack boost for a short amount of time. There is even the Chip Sword where different colors can change the swords abilities. Green is weak, but fast. Red comes with fire projectiles, Blue is the default form of the sword, White is the most powerful and the heaviest.

Kamen Rider Circuit
This idea came to my head from when I thought of my Megaman stories and some of my favorite ones come from the Battle Network series. I always loved creating new net navi's, but the idea of Circuit is that we have the digitized world. This time it is more experimental, but criminals have found ways to use it for evil purposes. This leads to a new division of police being invented where they terminate major threats in the virtual world. Circuit is a close combat fighter and is the fastest of my riders. His whole gimmick is based on computers as he is based on circuitry. He is a fast puncher that can constantly keep barraging foes with his fist. He gets an upgrade form called where his speed is increased. Then comes the Download form where he can store enegry for a certain amount of time and during this he can release attacks and release that energy. If he keeps it in for a long amount of time he gets the Download Complete form as his speed in on par with the Ram form, but his power is heavily increased, but he can use it for a limited time (similar to Faiz's Axel form). His final form is called the Master form which is a perfected body that can control the virtual world and his speed is at lightspeed levels. Also by the way the riders in Circuit's world can fight outside of the virtual world as well.

Kamen Rider Hunter
This is pretty much plan B of Greed because Hunter is a bounty hunter and his whole scheme is based on the different type of hunters. His default form has a western design to it where he wield his single pistol. He carries special types of bullets with his gun as these bullets are Spread (similar to Luna Trigger's finisher), Double (causes another hit along with the impact), Burst (Single file giant blast), Curve (Hunter can control when the bullets move), and the Deadshot which can only be used at a further point. Also he can pull out a small dagger out of the pistol. Each form Hunter gets comes with a different type of weapon like the shotgun which represents Poachers, by the way the form is called Poacher. With this gun he can use two bullets at the same time causing different effects. Like the Spread Curve combination is exactly like Luna Trigger's finisher. Then this form comes with a machete like weapon. His final form will be the Deadeye form which gives him his sniper rifle where he can use three bullets and this gun can take the power of tripling the same power while the shotgun cannot do this with two of the same bullets. This is then where the Deadshot bullet comes in as it counts as three bullets and can kill nearly anyone in one shot.

Kamen Rider Prototype
Prototype has a large similarity to the original Kamen Rider where he is part Cyborg because of the main hero was forced to implant his invention to his body to save it. The suit is a prototype in creating a powersuit that can be used for mutiple purposes, a similarlity to Super-1 as well. Prototype is a legit prototype though which is his main disadvantage. The hero keeps creating weapons to improve his powers, but on the default he can only use his fist and kicks. The invention is a charger that can be moved to different parts of the body which causes charging. There he can release powerful blows if the charger is set to that body part. He cannot do this in high repetition though as the charge loses it powers. The first invention he makes for his suit is the Charge Sword and the Charge Blaster where he can extend the charging powers to weapons and release Burst Slashes or Burst Blasts. Another invention is a small unlimiter that can cause his Charge weapons to constantly release mutiple bursts attack with no decrease of power. He even makes guantlets and boots that can do the same thing, but for his physical attacks. The final form is the Upgrade form and it is the upgrade form where Prototype does not have to move the charger anymore to release powerful attacks.

Kamen Rider Gatekeeper
With the failure of Kamen Rider Decade I created my own traveling rider and I took some ideas from Kingdom Hearts for the key motif for this rider. He uses keys to unlock new powers and before anyone says anything I thought of this idea before Gokaiger. His default form is a closed gate with chains around and such with a grey and silver color scheme. Now Gatekeeper does not transform into any riders, he can only use their powers, but this makes it possible for Gatekeeper to put his personal touches with these powers. His main weapon is a keyblade, but much larger compared to the original one. This is my personal favorite idea because of how I thought about the worlds he goes to and how they work. All previous riders are their own respective world/universe. There he has to discover their powers to move onto the next world as he is aiming to redem what he did to his own world. His final form is the Unlocked form where he gets two keyblades and can use the final form powers of the riders. The design changes to the gate being unlocked as those parts are on the side of his body. The middle has a pure white color revealing the light of unlocking the gate. He still has some default powers like how Decade has Slash and Blast, Gatekeeper has Stab and Burst. His main finishing move is stabbing his sword into his foe and unlocking their soul.

I still got other main riders to list down, but in part three I will cover secondary riders to these ten main ones.

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  1. I recently had an idea for an OC Rider:

    Kamen Rider Archaev (pronounced Archive) is a hero who utilizes "fossil tabs" that allow him to tap into the power of extinct/ancient species. His main motif is fossils/excavation (ex. shovel). His mission is to gather as many fossil tabs as possible before the organization D.-Evol can use them to genetically evolve into the ultimate stage of evolution.

    It's a rough idea, and if anyone wants to know more, just elaborate.