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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poll Results #13

Did You Like Episode Nine Of Fourze?
Yes- 30
No- 0

Did You Like Episode Ten Of Fourze?
Yes- 8
No- 1

What Do You Think About The Gokaiger Adaption?
Wont Happen- 9
Good Idea- 12
Bad Idea- 11

My Thoughts
I love those two episodes of Fourze probably my favorite two ep arc so far in the series. Tomoko is a great relatable character who just wants to change so she can have a purpose. The villian was also a favorite of mine as Ritsuko was a tricky villian as she did think how to do things unlike previous zodiarts that just want to attack. Now it seems more people like the idea of Gokaiger getting adapted, I wont diss any of you, but I will still say my opinions. Gokaiger cannot be adapted, because high chance Saban will not care and still copy over the series. I know its going to happen, the only things that will change are that the anti-hero feel to the Gokaigers will be gone and some episodes being pulled because they tribute pre-zyu series. There will have to be some original moments like if they have a Turbo tribute they cannot use the episode from Carranger. Overall there will only be little changes done to it and I bet fans of Gokaiger will be pissed off.

Saban isnt the same anymore


  1. You know, now that I looked back to Gokaiger, it is very possible that they can adapt it. Old footages weren't highly used in Gokaiger, they just have to take out fight scenes that involve pre-Zyuranger teams or Dairanger (which is not a lot). Just change a bit about the Legends War background and we're good.

    I'm still against it.

    I'm pretty much convinced that right now, the only way Power Rangers can get praise is when they adapt a Sentai not really looked highly within the community (eg: Ohranger to Zeo), and when they adapt a Sentai highly acclaimed or life-saving, they become horrid (eg: Carranger to Turbo)... Well, In Space was an exception to that rule.

    I know you can dislike Samurai as you like, but I prefer to think that RPM was like Zeo, Samurai is like Turbo, and next series (Goseiger or Gokaiger adaptation) will be like In Space.

  2. Well if the rumors are true Goseiger could just be a series using the Megaranger script. Also yea it is possible to use it, I just know Saban will probably not edit some things right. Or if Toei forces them to use the older sentai teams just because of profit.