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Friday, November 25, 2011

New Scans: Bootleging and Teaming Up

Well the scans for the new Gokaiger and Gavan movie are finally coming out as we get to see the villian of the movie. His name is Gavan Bootleg who is hired to arrest Gavan?! I have to say this villian looks epic because he gets the same shiny suit like Gavan, but the red lines and eyes really work well making him look evil. Gavan also looks great as well as his suit got updated as it is very shiny. I cannot wait for the upcoming fights with Gavan, Metal Heroes could be brought back to life!

Also a much better picture of Fourze's Rocket States along with Super TaToBa. I really like the Rocket States as the orange, blue, and silver work well together and that Drill Kick is going to be even more powerful now. Now I will say this now with more images of Super TaToBa I guess I'm starting to like it a little more, by the previews the colors looked a lot darker, but in the scans it looks a little brighter which is good. I still rather have Putotyra as the final form though.

Even more scans of Meteor have been released as well and now with his motorcycle as it looks awsome. Thats one great thing I'm liking about Kamen Rider now these days as the motorcycle is getting more focus. It reminds me of the past riders as the motorcycle started to die around Hibiki. They were shown during those past series, but not that much which is kinda weird because they are riders. Oh well I really can't wait for Meteor as it looks like the secondary rider could be better than the main for my opinion again (four times in a row).


  1. I would love to see Kenji Ohba appear as Shirou/Battle Kenya again. Sometimes I wish that Kyousuke/Battle France was there...

  2. Well thats good news because Kenji will be playing three of his roles, Battle Kenya, Denji Blue, and Gavan. So high chance the Gokaigers will get Battle Fever J's great power during this movie. It will be nice to see a different actor for Battle Fever, but oh well Kenji is one of the most legendary Toku actors.