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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Scans: Astro Switches 21-25

Well its time for the next batch of switches to appear in the series soon as we are already getting up to number 25 and not even half way through the series. This really makes me think that there will be more switches even after 40 because with switches like S-1 its possible that there will be more special switches. First is the switch that will probably appear in episode 12 the Stealth switch (#21) this will give Fourze the powers of invisibity which will be useful facing a monster that has telekinesis. Hammer (#22) is next as its a simple left switch as Fourze will bash the villians with it and could be useful with more speed mostly with the help of Rocket. Sadly the Water switch (#23) will not be a form change, but it easily could be. I thought that elements would be the forms, but I guess not all elements will apply, hopeful there will be a Wind switch. Well this left leg switch is a faucet that will spew water, mostly will be used for distracting the enemy I guess. Medic (#24) is a left arm switch and I dont know how this will be useful for battle, maybe if he needs to rescue someone like the Fire States did in episode 9. Last is the Pen switch (#25), people are already making jokes on this switch like they did with the Rocket switch. I wonder why its for the right leg though it will be much more useful if it was on his arm. So points for creativity, but again how will this one be useful in battle, maybe blinding an enemy, but he can turn invisible with Stealth. Overall this set of switches so far seem weak with the first two being the best, Water is a little disapointing because I thought it was going to be a new form, and the last two confuse me. I bet the series will use these switches well as the series has been doing so far, so I am always ready for a surprise.

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