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Saturday, November 26, 2011

MEGAMAX Full Trailer

A new and much longer trailer has been released for the upcoming rider war movie MEGAMAX! Also we finally hear what Nadeshiko sounds like at first when she says "Henshin" I was a little annoyed, but when she goes "Uchuu Kita" I had to go "Kawaii!" We all know what the plots are for the movies, but I will say them. OOO revolves around a new enemy named Kamen Rider Poseidon as Eiji needs to return and it seems that Ankh is around somehow. We will also see Gotou and Date back as the Twin Births so I hope they get a great fight together. There is also a high chance that Kamen Rider Meteor will make his first appearance in this film as he could just be at the end or could team up with our heroes. Fourze's story revolves around a mysterious girl falling from the sky during a cultural festival as Gentaro befriends her. She is also a Kamen Rider as she has a similar belt to Fourze's. Then there are also the Seven Legendary Riders who are fighting off Foundation X as we see them in the beginning of the trailer. Soon everything will connect as the heroes will team up along with new riders, there will be appearances from Double as the two private dicks will help. Overall this will probably be the best war movie yet since it seems that there shouldnt be any plot holes like the last one with OOO. Then seeing old riders again is always a nice treat and I have a feeling we will see more of them soon.

There should be a team up with these two

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