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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RPM Red Ranger in Samurai

Well the news is out and it seems that only the red ranger will be appearing in the crossover. Also guess what he is going to be stuck in his suit for the whole episode....... F$#%! I know this wasnt going to be a good episode, but at least get the original actor. I know its hard to get some, but if you cant get him dont make the episode its simple as that. They are also using the same monster from the Shinkenger and Go-onger team up so yea copy and paste is going to happen. I can tell I'm going to be pissed at the upcoming episode because high chance they are going to get a guy who sounds like Scott, but for fans we will know its not him. At least this can shine some light onto RPM because its a much better series than Samurai. Its funny that fans like Shinkenger more than Go-onger and for Power Rangers its the opposite, just like the moods for the series. Its so weird that all this switch around is happening for both Sentai and Rangers. Whats great though is what Henshin Grid says, 'Samurai sucks and made our favorite season RPM go down with it.' It seems very similar to what I said on my poll results. "I am mad about the Samurai and RPM crossover because Samurai is mostly unoriginal and now they are going to drag RPM with them." Maybe Lavender Ranger views the site, I kinda feel happy about that. Well I am still sticking to my opinion on this because RPM was great and now they are going to have something dirty up their image. Only one image can describe what has happened.

Yea pretty much sums it up


  1. Well at least that pic made me ROFL.

    But after all I knew this was gonna happen, it's repeating the Zeo-Turbo/Ohranger-Carranger thing. History repeats itself.

    Now if this history was going on again, then they had better do the Goseiger adaptation instead of Gokaiger... Because I predict that the Gokaiger fans will lambast the adaptation.

  2. I agree, Gokaiger has too much sentai that Saban cant adapt it. It will have to make them do something different, but they could just think of cliche lines or boring dialouge. Overall doing this series is a bad idea, but it will probably happen because of all the keys