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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 39 Review: Switch On to the School Days

To begin this tribute episode we are shown with a newspaper and the top story is the death of Warz Gill and that seems to be the way to spell it. Basco and the Gokaigers see this, Basco doesnt really care while Gai is happy that they defeated him. It feels odd though that Gai is happy about killing someone, for them its nothing, but we actually know him so it just feels weird. Its like if Gai from Jetman just started to brag after he killed Grey. Oh well we then see that the bounty for the team has heavily increased as Don finally gets to 50,000. Marvelous though has an unlimited reward which means the whole team is unlimited as well, badass I must say. Luka mentions about the unlimited reward as everyone freaks out, but she says she was joking as Marve tells Navi to make a prediction. Navi says "Come shake my hand at Moroboshi High!" Gai instantly knows that the Megarangers went to the school during their time as heroes, but he knows that they probably gratuated. The team though still goes there since its the only clue they got and Ahim seemed really excited. The students are all shocked to see the space pirates at their school as a teacher tries to stop them, but another teacher comes out and stops it.

The team find out that the teacher is a past warrior, because Gai had one of his fangasms again as Kenta introuduced himself. He was Megared the leader of the team. We see why Ahim was so happy because she was taught at home and not at a school. Mostly everyone else though say no point with school since they are already living their dreams. Marve tries to get Megaranger's grand powers quickly, but Kenta makes them become students in the school. Marve knows that he doesnt have to attend any classes as he, Luka, and Joe walk off. Gai follows Marve where they see a group of boys playing basketball as Marve gets interested and joins in. Luka finds a room so she can nap, but she meets two students there who are studying. Luka wonders why they are still studying even on their break, but Don says that there are actual people who like to study and he soon helps them with some problems. Luka is then impressed by Don's intelligence (beware of the fan-fiction). Ahim meets up with Joe as he is confused about a girl who is just standing around. Ahim knows what she is doing as she is waiting for her love to come out so she can give him a lunch. Also Kentaw watches over them as they are changing their views on school. Back with the two students they say they are not that good with their studies as Luka asks why they even bother then. Those two have their dreams though as they will always try as Luka is happy with that. Marve alos opens up with the guys after hearing their dream of getting in the Nationals.

When Gai tries to get some water for the group we see Kenta again as he notices Sally luring him out. Gai sees Kenta running as he follows him. Soon Basco shows himself as he tries to get Megaranger's grand powers. To do this he has planted bombs around the school and he can defuse them if he gets the powers. Gai tells them about the bombs as Kenta was going to agree with the bet, but Marve tells him they will get the bombs because they now see how important school is because of people's dreams. The team begin their search with the help of Kenta's students who have used INET's search system as Gai fights Sally. The group start finding the bombs with no problem even though there are some strange spots and how did Basco put them in a gym bag and a lunch? Well Gai fights off Sally with Magishine, but soon Basco jumps as he defeats him with ease. Basco then begins to steal Megaranger's powers, but thanks to Gai using Goseiknight's Defense Storm Card he canceled the process. The rest of the team show up then as they used Timeranger's powers to freeze all the bombs. Kenta soon gets away as the team use Megaranger to fight Basco. They start with the sliders and they get some good hits on Basco and Sally. Marve even gets dead on hits with the Battle Riser, but he soon starts to win as he gets Gai and Marve. The others though get Sally hard with the Muti-Attack Rifle. Basco stops for a moments when he sees Sally in danger as Gai and Marve try to finish him off, but he deflects the attacks and summons two new monsters.

The team actually gets some trouble with the new roids as they trap, both of the mechas. With the help of Furai Maru and MachFalcon they soon get free and combine to make Kazen Gokai-oh. After quickly finishing the monsters with the final attack we see our heroes get the powers from Kenta. The episode ends with Kenta trying to have the Gokaigers come back and try to get Gai to eat barbacue with him. Well thats the Megaranger tribute and like many other tribute episodes its great. I love seeing Kenta again as he acts the same and I love he still mentions barbacue. How the team have to be students was nice because we see different views of school, to complete people's dreams. The fight was awsome because we see that our heroes can fight Basco now even though he still mostly won. Also we see that he cares about his partner Sally like how Gill was with Barizorg. The mecha fight though was kinda boring even more than the Go-onger tribute mecha fight. Overall its a great tribute episode seeing the school again with Kenta as a teacher, an A-.

Hipster Don is the best Don

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