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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 11 Review: Man on the Moon

After another recap of past events expect for Miu's this time we see Yuuki telling a man named Makise to stop sending her things. There have been many gifts, phone calls, and emails and he is doing this because she hasnt joined his astronomy club yet. Yuuki responds by saying that Makise wasnt so forceful there probably would have been other memebers. This gives us a flashback on how lonely this guy is in his club mostly him goofing off. After his flashback Yuuki gets out, but he keeps an eye out on her as he uses a switch to transform into a zodiart. Tomoko and Gen are then messing around with the Flash switch to scare Jake as Kengo tells Gen to stop messing around with the switches. Gen then inserts the Flash switch into a shake roid as it mostly starts to flail around as Miu calls it cute. With no new switches coming yet there will be no testing as Kengo tells Gen to stop transforming whenever he wants to (I wouldnt care if I had those powers I would use them all the time). Gen and the gang expect Kengo starts to leave as Gen gets a new switch that hasnt been fully looked at yet. Yuuki tries to get into the Rabbit Hutch, but Oosugi sees her and starts to ask questions about the locker. Yuuki tries to lie about the locker being cursed and she was told by Sonoda to seal off the locker. He doesnt really care if it is cursed or not because he says his life is cursed enough (poor guy), but Shun comes in and tells him that Sonoda wants him. Of course this works as he goes off to meet her.

After the mess Yuuki drags Gen along to JAXA a space museum I guess. Our stalker though spots the two though and he isnt happy. At JAXA Gen ask Yuuki why she still has the dream about being in space since she does it mostly every day. Yuuki says it isnt the same though as she still wants more. Yuuki also talks about the principal in the school because of his knowledge of space and tahts why she enrolled into the school. Leaving the museum, the stalker soon catches up with the two in his zodiart form. He talks about his powers and how they can find anything he thinks of as he is a hunter who wont give up. After exposing his identity he soon brings out what he calls his and Yuuki's future diary as it is full of drawn pictures of the two acting like a couple. Yuuki creeped out like she should be hides behind Gen as Makise gets pissed off and transforms again. The two fight as Makise gets some good hits on Fourze, but Shun jumps in with the Power Dizer as Fourze enters into Fire States. Now with an advantage of fire the zodiart is almost pinned down, but he soon gets a car to move in front of him as it explodes and using it as a decoy to run away. Before the fight ended Yuuki tells Kengo about the zodiart as Kengo tries to leave the Rabbit Hutch, but cant!

After thr fight he contacts Gen and Yuuki that he cannot get out of the Rabbit Hutch. The gang soon find out that the locker is gone now and so is the connection between them. Everyone starts to look for the locker, but sadly no one has any luck. Before meeting up Gen and Yuuki run into Sonoda as she talks about Kengo not being around right now, but he has been doing better since Gen came. She leaves and Yuuki remembers about her lie about the cursed locker. It seems it was thrown away and there is no clue to who the company was. The group try to find it, but no luck again as they wonder why the locker is the gateway to the Hutch. Kengo talks about his birthday last year with it talking about a great destiny and it had a switch in it. Kengo opened it in the empty room, but Yuuki shows up as he throws the switch into the old locker. Since the switch activated it made the connection with the locker. In the Hutch they find all about zodiarts as Kengo promises to use the powers of Fourze to stop them. After the story Yuuki goes to Makise and ask him to find the locker, but she has to stop hanging around her old friends to do so. Makise transforms and Yuuki had to hold onto his horns (insert lewd joke here) as he soon finds the locker. Bad news though because Makise turns on Yuuki because she has been hanging around trash and needs to be punished.

Makise tries to destory the locker, but thanks to Burgermeal being with Yuuki, Gen finds her and fights Makise again. The gang try to get to the locker, but with the fight going on it's hard to get close. Yuuki then tells Kengo that they found the locker as Kengo is happy to hear the news. Fourze tries to punch Makise with the Rocket arm, but Makise makes him turn around and runs into trash. Then he tries to use missles, but Makise does it again and sends them to the locker, destroying it. Makise then brags about his powers again, but this time talks about how he controls other objects. Now all seems lost as the locker is no more. Thats episode 11 and my goodness the villian this week sure is creepy. The odd part is I recently watch an episode of an anime called Hell Girl that involved a stalker. His motivation does make him strong and that probably gave him the power of telekinesis. I still like that everyone in the gang is trying to help as we see the different connections they have. Also how Kengo is alone in the Hutch he soon starts to realize how quiet it is and his father had to be along for a long time to make Fourze. The fights were ok nothing special as the villian had to run the first time and soon wins by the end of this episode. Part two is going to be much better because its going to show the close bond that Yuuki and Kengo have because he could be stuck on the moon forever now. For this episode its a solid B.

If only he was an adult then we could arrest him.

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