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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gobusters Animals, Spies, or Students?

This sure is strange for the Gobusters rumors. Ever since the name was released people believed it had to do with Ghostbusters, but with the rumors its just the name. The first rumor came up with Gokaiger vs Gavan as it seems that the team will be spies. That just got blown away though because now new rumors say that the team will be university students. Now I think that the students rumor is more possible maybe Fourze had some influence with that. Also Ghostbusters did start in an university so who knows what will happen. The most recent rumor is that the team will follow an animal motif which sounds ok and all even though it has been used a lot of times already. There is a dark side to this rumor though, it seems that the series could take something from Go-onger. The team will have robot partners which made me think of Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack, the last metal hero series as it killed thefranchise. Red will have a cheetah, blue will have a gorilla, and Yellow will have a rabbit. This sounds nice, but two of them are human sized so that makes me worry that there will be fights with these partners. Its the rabbit that will be smaller, makes sense. The most recent rumor also says that the team will look like metal heroes, so that could mean Gavan and Sharivan could be true. Sadly though if I remember correctly there will be no female warrior with the color black as previous rumors said. The series will probably start with Red, Blue, and Yellow as other colors will join soon. In the end though we have no idea of what may happen, but Gokaiger doesnt have that long to go so I bet we will see new images very soon.

Either way though I'm confused. What will be the real motif?


  1. Looking back at the influences of recent Sentai, the concepts of Den-O pretty much caused the creations of Kiva and Go-onger. And the creation of Go-onger lead to the creations of stuff like W, OOO, Fourze, Shinken, Gosei, and Gokai, with the whole "powers in your pocket" style concepts. And they've all been successful to an extent. Wouldn't be surprised if Gobuster tried to cash in on the Den-O/Go-on styles too.

    Don't worry about if they are copying Robotack. For starters, Robotack didn't kill Metal Heroes. It was B-Fighter Kabuto that pretty much killed the franchise. Kabutack and Robotack just stuck around for the remainder of it's lifespan until Kuuga was ready. Plus, we've had similar partner style characters like Smokey, Zuuban, and Datas, and they were all fine. So I doubt it'll be anything bad. Might be interesting actually. And if they're going to fight as well, hey, I think that sounds neat. lol

  2. I guess you are right about B-Fighter Kabuto killing the franchise. Also you are right about the power in the pocket. I guess Den-o had some influence on Kiva mostly with the main hero. The part I'm most worried about is how these partners will look because looking back at Robotack they could base some designs off them and I dont like those designs that much. They tried to make them cute which can be ok like with the Engines because they had that cute anime look when they werent in their bodies. I just dont want to look at that for a whole episode. Smokey and Zuuban are good because they actually have a good design. Datas though I liked in his giant form, but a his normal form was kinda lame in my opinion.