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Saturday, November 19, 2011

52 Episodes For Gokaiger

Even with the rumors of Gokaiger only being 50 episodes a new rumor has popped up and it sounds reasonable. Gokaiger will have two more than 50 and the rumor says it is because of DVD and Blu-Ray listings. It seems that by volume nine there will be five episodes on each while the other volumes had more. So volume nine will start with 32 and end at 35 and it will continue in that pattern. Even though its only an additional two episodes this does mean that there can be more tribute episodes coming soon. Sadly I dont there will be a tribute for every series, but its very hard to get old actors back at times. Also it does leave more focus for the actual Gokaiger series as we are getting close to the 40 episode mark. In the end, Gokaiger probably wont have every sentai tribute, but it works with the story because of Basco actually getting some powers. There could be another moment like the 199 movie with showing old veterans for a quick scene. I'm still hoping that there will be tributes for Goranger and JAQK.

Maybe have both in the same episode?

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  1. My hope is that there will be another Goggle V episode. I don't care who reappears (probably Junichi Haruta/Goggle Black again) but as an Indonesian, I'd really appreciate it!