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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Debate: Dairanger or Gokaiger


I have brought this up from my Dairanger review and I'm having a tough time deciding which series is my favorite. I have made my decision though and will compare the two in many categories.

Dairanger is a series that is mostly a war between two tribes as one of them comes back after many years. There are many things kept secret though as the heroes will find out many truths about their allies and enemies. Gokaiger is about a group of space pirates coming to Earth to find the greastest treasure in the universe. Before their arrival though there was the Legends War where all past Sentai warriors fight the Zangyack as they use all their powers to destroy them. Luckily they lived, but now have lost their powers, but the pirates have all their powers in form of the Ranger Keys. In their adventure they will learn about the true spirit of the Super Sentai and become heroes. Both have good overall plots, but I would have to go with Dairanger because I like the many twists there were and how it connected many characters. Gokaiger was mostly simple just with a lot of things added on like the rivalry with Basco.
You can say the same with Dairanger has there are a lot of added in sub plots, but overall the war story has a lot of secrets.

Dairanger's heroes are people who have to forget their lives right now to fight the Gorma. The characters mostly go through really tough times as they meet many new characters to develop them further like Ryou and Jin. The two were tough rivals, but Ryou learned a lot from him as so did the others with their counterparts. Gokaiger's characters are mostly tributes in their own way like Marve is the bold leader with a dark past. We actually learn about them as the story continues and what hardships they had to deal before they became a team member. This time the point goes to Gokaiger because has I said the characters are tributes to the franchise and I liked that we learn about them and they stay the same throughout the series. Development is great, but it's better when a character stays the same as they are already enjoyable.
Number one reason why Gokaiger will be remembered for a long time

In Dairanger the villains are the Gorma the tribe that reawakens to kill off the human race. The main villain of the series is Shadam and he did a lot in the series as he is mostly connected to most of the twists. He also has a great passion and he did a lot to make sure he won as he used his own comrades to get it. The Zangyack are the villains in Gokaiger as another fleet comes to Earth as they are lead by the Prince, Warz Gil. He acts like a spoiled brat and whenever something fails he goes into a blind fury, now as annoying it can be it can also be funny. You all know where I'm going with this though, point to Dairanger. The Gorma are just way better because unlike the Zangyack the Gorma are actually have focus. The Zangyack are just simply there to be villains and even with Basco he cannot save the whole thing. Also where Gokaiger had one great villain, Dairanger only had one bad villain.
I couldn't like her at all, but at least the other villains were great

A big factor of any Sentai series are the fights as Dairanger uses their motif of martial arts in them. Each member and even some villains have their own skills and powers which keep things nice and fresh. Dairanger also has some great out of suit action and for their robot fights it's really good because I think the 90's had some of the best robots. Gokaiger keep their fights fresh with the many countless combinations with the Ranger Keys. They can transform into the whole team or just randomize them like having all the same color. Their robot fights though are mixed up because even with great arsenals from the Great Powers of the Sentai they can get boring fast. Some don't even last a long time and the series uses a lot of powers way too much, so point to Dairanger. Even with the great combination fights and tribute fights from Gokaiger, Dairanger has great out of suit action and great robot fights.
Dairanger still has some of my favorite mechas

Dairanger ran for 50 episodes while Gokaiger went with 51 episodes so both are pretty close to length, but Dairanger had a shorter run time. This was common in the 90's has the series had a much shorter amount of minutes. This doesn't kill the show though as everything still feels nice and paced. With Gokaiger again it's a mixed bag as I can't enjoy every episode the same for Dairanger, but whenever Gokaiger had a filler episode it was usually boring. Some people complain that Dairanger is full of too many cliches with their little episodes. Even if I see them those cliches are mostly from Chinese fighting movies and Dairanger did have that motif so it can get away with it. Gokaiger also has that same issue, since it's a tribute series it does follow some Super Sentai cliches. Both series can get away with their cliches, but Gokaiger wins mostly because the last episode and if you saw the Dairanger finale you know what I'm talking about.
 The final episode for Gokaiger was simply amazing!

You see why this is a tough pick, Gokaiger has little flaws and the same can go for Dairanger. In the end though I have to pick...
The Dairanger series has a much better way of telling a story and it did a lot to affect the franchise. Also the villain were just much better as they had more connections to the story and the sub plots. The action is also a little better because of out of suit action and the robot fights. Gokaiger is still a great series, but there is only one strong villain as the others seemed forgotten and didn't do much expect to be evil. The fights actually got a little old as well as the series didn't mix it up that much as some powers were barely every used. This is my own opinion so you can leave your own opinions as well in the comments below.


  1. Great read!

    Although I must say that comparing Gokaiger to any series is a bit unfair. Gokaiger would get the nod more times than not since it brought a lot of nostalgia from past Sentai. It was an anniversary season that was just downright awesome!

  2. Well if you are a true Sentai fan, you cannot compare Dairangers to Gokaigers. Dairanger will stand the test of time as adult fans can snatch the series and never grow dull because it's dark. Episode is fun and a much better series then some of the past Sentai series that came and went and I will not include Shinkengers, Boukengers, or Hurricanegers. Both series are not completely perfect as there are holes in the SOME concept.Overall I think Dairanger is the Best!!!!

    1. I meant Whatch and Gokaigers is a fun series and much better show unlike some of it's predecessor. I hate this phone I am typing with.

  3. Well this was just my opinion and I wanted to try something new for my blog. This was mostly just me trying to think which is my favorite because I was having such a hard time thinking about that.