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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 1 Review: Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

To start off the new series we see a bunch of giant robots attacking the city. No one can stop them as the destroy a tower and it causes a big explosion destroying the whole city! Well I don't know why that was shown, but we see our red warrior as he is frozen and cannot move as someone is calling for him. It was the motorcycle who was talking as he thinks that Hiromu probably froze up, but he still tries as something has finally arrived. We then see the other two heroes as they are on a mission as there seems to be an Enertron leak? The two find out that it's the Vaglass behind this as they now go into action. The two crash into the building and Hiromu finally gets moving as his robot partner shows him the case. Meanwhile the two heroes are being shot at by the enemies, but they soon find cover. They get back up and use their bracelets and while they transform they dodge the bullets. The two easily knock the guns out of the foes' hands, but they are not human beings as they show their true forms. Then Hiromu opens the case and sees the devices and knows it's for the Go-busters. Here is something different, while the opening theme is playing we still see the series continuing. With Hiromu he gets on his bike and starts to go somewhere while the two heroes fight off the henchmen.
After the two win their fight they apprehend the other man, but he doesn't go peacefully. He attacks the two with wires that come out from his body and reveals his true form. The villain named Enter tells the two that the Vaglass will be going into their next phase as he attacks them and runs away. Back with the base as we have seen before in previous scenes they talk about how much Enertron the Vaglass have stolen. With the robots the blue one thanks the lord for protecting Ryuji (a robot thanking the Gods...) The yellow one mocks him for praising the lord for protection, because he knows that Ryuji didn't need it and he had no worries about Yoko. It seems though that the third Buster hasn't been mobilized yet as we see Hiromu talking with his robot Nick about his sister. I guess that Hiromu is going to tell her sister, Rika about becoming a Go-buster and it doesn't sound like good news that much by their conservation. With Enter he takes out a computer and contacts his boss, Messiah. It seems that Messiah is some type of computer program as he wants the human race to suffer. With that Enter uses a Metavirus along with the Enertron to create a robot monster as it calls out it's name, Shovel Droid. Then at the villain's base a giant robot called a Megazord is being sent out.
Back with the heroes we see Miho who has been assigned to become the technician, before she could finish her sentence an alarm goes off. A Metadroid has been released and the two Busters are called to take care of him. The two start to leave as Miho is shocked to see the young girl going into action and then the yellow robot tells her that the two have been training for this ever since they got their powers 13 years ago. The two use a secret passage way to go to the area as they transform to fight the Droid. The robot starts to shoot as the two get their weapons out and fight him. Miho then finds a strange reading from Cyberspace and there is around 3 minutes before it's completion. The two find out about the time limit as they are having issues fighting the robot and Gorisaki the blue robot starts to stress out. During this one of members mentions the third Buster, but there seem to be some issues as we see a girl holding onto a young boy who was probably Himoru. It seems though that Hiromu needs permission from his sister before he can fight as we see him at the hospital telling her he has to go. Nick then comes in telling Hiro that the fight has begun and Rika is mad about this. Hiromu though tells her that he has made up his mind 13 years ago and he will fight when the time has come. He leaves after promising Rika that he will see her again.
During all of this, time runs out as the Megazord appears in the city and attacks! The reason why the giant robots are sent to the Earth is so that it can attack the tower called the Enertron Tank and give Messiah enough energy to escape from the cyberspace. Nothing looks good at all as the Megazord starts to attack the tank, but Hiromu contacts the base. He asks if number 01 can be released as it seems to be a giant car and it is sent out to Hiromu. First though Hirmou comes to aid the other two as he comes in with his motorcycle as he fires at the Droid. Hiromu then leaves as he transforms and goes into the giant car. There he is set into the cockpit of the vehicle as it changes shape and fires at the Megazord. Soon it transforms into a giant robot the CB 01-Ace and punches the robot! The two begin their fight and while Hirmou was dodging some attacks a building starts to fall and it still has people in it! He saves the building though as both fights continue. The Ace then transforms into a cheetah mode and gets around to attack the Megazord from behind. To finish things off Hiromu goes into Buster mode and uses a slash attack and the other two blast the Droid to finish it. We end this episode with everyone being impressed by Hiromu skills as he will fight to win.
That's the first episode for a very different type of Sentai and it's pretty impressive. The Busters themselves seem like good characters for now and Enter has a lot of potential to be a great villain. I like how they briefly explain on what's going on because it just makes me wonder why and how this all happened which makes me want to see more. The fights were great as well as the land fight felt a lot more tactical then many other Sentai fights. The mecha fight was also really impressive as they use different camera angels and pretty good CGI as they use both suit and CGI greatly to make the fight run more smoothly. I am liking that this series is using a little homage to Mighty Morphin with the "Morphin Time", but I also feel that they are using some RPM elements. This is mostly with Messiah as he just screams Venjix to me, but who knows they could easily make him into a different villain. Also the series feels like a Showa era Sentai series because with the spy motif and another great thing is the solo robot which reminds me Dairanger. The series has a lot of potential as the fights were really good, but just one big flaw for this episode, there weren't many good dialogue scenes. The only good ones were for Hiromu as he becomes the rising star of this episode, but for the other characters we just got simple little traits from them. Overall I am hoping that this series will do great as it brings many changes to the franchise and for the first episode I give it a B.
Next Time: What is he staring at?


  1. Well, it is much better the SOME of the predecessors such as Go-over or Goseigers. It comes off very Dekaranger with a swat like feel. Very action packed and the characters are very likable. The series that impressed me from what I saw that is produced in 2k and the 2010s is Hurricanegers, Boukengers, Shinkengers and Gokaigers. I am hoping Gobusters will be in that favorite.

  2. Yea this episode was good and it shows how this sentai series is going to be different. I love that this series is like a step up for the franchise after a huge anniversary series. Its a change that I am hoping will do well.