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Friday, March 2, 2012

Akibaranger Promo!

We only got around a month until the premiere of the spin off sentai series as the first promo has been released. First I think Red is going to be the best he is a big sentai fan and we can see he loves Maskman the most probably. I can already see how his humor will work as he will be like Gai the fan who soon becomes a hero. Blue and Yellow I can't tell much about them yet, but Blue is going to be silent and clumsy probably while Yellow is cheerful. By this promo the show seems to have a really low budget, but I don't think the actual show will look like what the premise shows because some of the camera angles and sound effects don't seem right. I know it's low budget, but it shouldn't be that low, hopefully... Anyways I am excited to see this show as it will be very funny as they parody Super Sentai.

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