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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poll Results #22

Did You Like Episode 23 of Fourze?
Yes- 29
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 24 of Fourze?
Yes- 16
No- 1

How Would You Rate Dairanger
One of the Best Sentai- 24
Great- 7
Good- 1
Bad- 0
Horrible- 1

Who's Your Favorite Dairanger?
Ryou (Ryuuranger)- 20
Daigo (Shishiranger)- 13
Shouji (Tenmaranger)- 5
Kazu (Kirinranger- 5
Lin (Hououranger)- 5
Kou (Kibaranger)- 5

Who's Your Favorite Gokaiger
Marvelous- 22
Joe- 12
Luka- 20
Don- 7
Gai- 13

My Thoughts
I really liked the two episodes from Fourze, I do remember hearing hate for the first part because it seemed like it was following the corrupt hero episode from OOO. It was different from that though and did it much better as a hero was made even without super powers, but I actually wanted to see Eguchi become Gemini Horoscope. Dairanger is my favorite as you can see from my review and debate, it has some of the best heroes, fight scenes, and villains. I really liked that only one person said it was horrible not even one bad vote. Daigo is my personal favorite from that series, but I knew the fan favorite will always be Ryou. Daigo was a great brute force as his side story was very well put together, except for the last parts, but his interactions were unforgettable. Gokaiger was great as well and my favorite is Luka because of her great passion for money, but for the right reasons mostly. Marvelous had an excellent rivalry with Basco though and that is why people love him more.

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