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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 24 Review: Black Swan

Continuing from the last episode we see Cygnus fighting Fourze as he says his name will continue to spread. After his little speech he blasts the two heroes and flees and Meteor has left as well. We then see Ryusei and he is completely pissed at Cygnus and he will get his payback! After the opening we see Ryusei going to the Rabbit Hutch, but when he opens the locker he finds Tomoko. She isn't happy about him abandoning her as she gets the roid to give Ryusei a cold shower. She forgives him though as Meteor appeared to protect her anyways and now she will get revenge for him. With the club they talk about the number one possible suspect to be Cygnus is Misa. Jake talks about her past as she wasn't that good at ballet until Cygnus appeared and now Gen will go back to the society to talk to her. Meanwhile we see Kijima trying to spread switches around, but Hayami stops him. Hayami wants Kijima to only assist him and not act on his own and Kijima isn't happy with this superior act. Hayami then tells Kijima about Cygnus and that Fourze shouldn't interrupt and he goes surprisingly. Back with Ryusei as he is hanging with Tomoko as she tries to get a physic imprint? She tries this at the first time she saw Cygnus and she says that it could help her finding out the truth even though she doesn't have any real powers.
Back at the UDS we see Eguchi lying about a good deed and Misa catches onto his lie easily and he gets minus 50 points. Misa starts to lecture Eguchi about lying and how it's against the rules of the society, but Gen jumps in saying that kindness shouldn't be forced. He also just says that Misa is Cygnus and she agrees? (well that's easy) Actually she was just saying it as a metaphor and says everyone is Cygnus and before the two could say anything else they are kicked out. Back with Tomoko and she is not finding any physics imprints, but she still continues, but where now? Tomoko remembers the spot where Eguchi's story and decides the check that area. Now Gen and Yuuki and hitting baseballs along with Eguchi and he is agreeing with them about Cygnus' false justice. It seems he saw the fight from the last episode and he knows that he has been attacking other students. Yuuki wonders how he keeps finding Cyngus as Eguchi just says he has some luck because the first hero he saw was Fourze when he was fighting the Lynx Zodiart. He then wanted to be a hero, but being a hero is a tough task and ever since Cygnus saved him he wants to be a hero like him and still wants to believe in him. Eguchi is fine though with the society being made on a false hero because the club was made from people who were saved from Cygnus, including Misa.
Kijima then appears and threatens the three that they shouldn't be getting involved too much as Eguchi runs away and Kijima transforms. Gen finds out that Kijima knows more then he does so he transforms into Fourze and fights him. Back with Tomoko still trying to find some imprints and this time she gets something! She then notices Eguchi walking down the steps and before she could talk to him Ryusei grabs her as the two hide. Eguchi is acting strangely so they decide to watch him and then Cygnus appears! Eguchi wants to talk to him, but Cygnus attacks him saying that he is a traitor. Ryusei captures the moments with the Burger roid as Gen's fight is not going well. He uses the Shield switch hoping it can defend him, but Cancer just slashes through it like everything else. For the next option he goes into Elek States and not even those attacks work on him. Plan C is then going into Fire States as Gen tries to burn him, but Cancer cuts through the flames and cuts some of the area as he then leaves for now. Back with the club and now their number one suspect is not an option anymore so who is Cygnus then? Ryusei and Tomoko comes in and show them what they have filmed from before. Somehow they know who Cygnus is from that moment and Miu's plan is to just take the switch, but Gen as a plan.
We then see Gen meeting up with Eguchi at the park and there we see many people with issues as Eguchi doesn't help them. Eguchi wonders why Gen is helping anyone and then he replies by saying "I thought you looked up to heroes?" Eguchi though finally acts like a hero after he sees a girl who cannot reach her balloon. When he gets the balloon and gives it back to the girl it seems that it was Yuuki and all the other people were just the club members in disguises. The club congratulate him as Gen says he has reached the first part of being a hero and seeing his true self. There they talk about the side of him that loves heroes and how that pushed him to be a nicer person. Inside of Eguchi though is a dark side that came from the same desire and Gen says that Eguchi is Cygnus! He is confused, but Kengo shows him the footage Ryusei got and it seems no one, but only himself was there. It seems that when Eguchi got a switch and used it for the first time his personality was split into two. The dark side became more dormant and came out as Cygnus and this is how he saw all the things Cygnus did because they are the same person. Eguchi then takes out the switch to give it up as it goes into Last One. There he sees Cygnus trying to convince Eguchi to use it, but he doesn't need him anymore and he doesn't use the switch.
All seems good as Eguchi doesn't need the switch anymore, but Cancer appears and stops him from discarding it and takes him to the UDS. There they try to force Eguchi to press the switch as they want their hero to appear. Sadly the switch is pressed as Eguchi transforms into Cygnus, but this time black feather appear as Cygnus is in full control now. Hayami is impressed by the Zodiart persona taking over the human as Gen comes in on his bike. He transforms into Fourze and the first thing Cygnus does is use Misa as a human shield. The followers are shocked to see this, but he doesn't care because he can easily get more followers. Kengo then calls Gen with the Radar switch as he is told to use the 36 switch, Aero. It makes a gust of wind and with Cygnus distracted Gen uses Magic Hand to grab Misa away from Cygnus. Cancer already appears though and takes Gen on. Cygnus tries to walk away, but Meteor appears to fight him and you know things get serious when the music changes. The music is very dramatic as Meteor fights for payback as Cygnus lunges himself at Meteor, but he is easily beaten and kicked around as he is finished by Meteor's rider kick and he destroys the switch. Now back with Gen he finally gets the upper hand on Cancer as he uses the Winch switch to tie around his claw. With Fire States now it seems that Cancer cannot take on the heat as Eguchi soon appears to encourage Fourze. Before he could finish Cancer off though he retreat as Gen goes to help Eguchi. We end the episode seeing Eguchi cos-playing as Fourze now helping an old lady cross the street.
That's episode 24 and again this episode is strong because of it's writing. First Eguchi is a very interesting character because I wasn't expecting him to be Cygnus because of how Misa acted more like Cygnus. The whole dark side thing as been used a lot of times before, but something saves it though. Usually the dark side wins over, but that didn't happen originally as Eguchi fought off his dark side. It was the followers who made him became Cygnus which was very suspenseful I must say because seeing your own people technically trying to replace you is harsh. There weren't as many fights and the first one was just like last week with it showing how strong Cancer is, but the other two were great. First I will mention Fourze's comeback and it shows that Gen is learning good tactics with the switches and uses them very well which was a big flaw for the series back then. Also he didn't have to use Magnet States which I was expecting him to use, but not seeing it shows greater intelligence and kept that fight fresh since it was being used just to finish monsters off. There is one issue though the fight quickly made Cancer look weak because how he escaped because Gen just deactivated the switch as Kijima makes a run for it then. Then there is Meteor's fight, it was quick, but it was epic! I love the orchestrator music playing giving things more of a dramatic feel to it and seeing Meteor quickly defeating Cygnus just shows how much of a fraud he was. The ending of the episode was really bad though as it was way too quick, it's nice to see Eguchi acting more like a hero, but at least make the last scene longer than a minute. Overall a great episode with strong writing and messages and with some epic fights it was a great episode, an A-
Next Week: It's time to graduate!

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