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Friday, December 23, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Scans: Kamen Rider Meteor and Magnet States

Well he is going to appear in episode 16 of Fourze so now scans of him are being revealed as we see more of his abilities and story. As I said before I really like his design and even with bulky parts like his belt and armlet they do match the outfit. Anyways if they were too small the outfit would not look proportional.
The armlet that this rider will use can access three attacks which are planets! Now punching someone with a rocket it awesome, but punching someone with Jupiter is epic! He can also summon Jupiter to summon a ring attack and Mars for a fireball attack. He uses the finishers by scanning his finger on the armlet and to use the planet attacks there are three switches on it which are different than other switches so Fourze will not be able to use similar powers. There is some good news though thanks to a hacker he hacked the Fourze driver and heard the Meteor sound which could mean a new form.
The three finishers he has are Starlight Shower which is fast punches, Meteor Tornado which is a kick that has fast rotation speed, and Meteor Strike which is a heavy kick. Like Fourze could be able to do soon Meteor can use his switches as so far we know he can use Elek which will give him electricity.
Meteor's owner will be Ryuusei who will be a transfer student and he is actually an alien who is a part of the Anti-Zodiarts Union. His supporter is an unknown being called Tachibana who gives him the energy to transform into Meteor. Tachibana stays in the M-Bus and is it me or do you find it weird that he is named Tachibana? Think about it Hayami is played by a past rider who is named Tachibana could this mean Hayami is a double agent working inside with the Zodiarts? There is also a chance that this could be Kengo's father. Well Meteor at first will keep his identity a secret like Wataru had to do in the Kiva series as he will help Fourze to fight the zodiarts.
Now we also see the new form for Fourze which will be a power house form, the Magnet States! This form is used by using two switches that go in the First and Fourth slot. The new switches are North and South and to get into Magnet States they must be inserted with Ns Magphone. This form is full of raw power as Fourze will be like walking tank as he controls the two cannons with the split phone parts in the driver. The finisher is having the turrets into a boomerang weapon.
Also more switches have been revealed and I think these are the weakest so far. First is the Wheel switch which explains itself as Fourze will run over enemies with it. Next is the Screw switch as it will act like a propeller for water travel I guess by the scan. I guess it can be used on foes because of the spinning. Now this is a dumb switch here, the Hand switch which is for the right leg and I have no idea how it will work. Finally is the Scoop switch which could be good as it can dig up the ground and getting hit by that will hurt. So these switches I didn't see coming, but Hands and Wheel look dumb. Scoop looks a little odd along with Screw, but thinking about it they could be useful. Overall I am more excited for Meteor's reveal!

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