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Friday, December 23, 2011

Gokaiger Scans: Christmas and Ninjas!

Just like Meteor, Gokai Christmas will be revealed in the next episode as Gai fuses Red and Green together. The episode will also act like a Battle Fever tribute as Kenji Ohba will be Battle Kenya as he is dressed up like Santa and has a panda around him. The new combination is nice, but a little random though and it probably won't be used again.
Now its has already been official, but now we get pictures of Ninjaman returning for the Kakuranger tribute as NinjaWhite Tsuruhime will be back as well. We also get to know why Ninjaman wasn't an extra hero because he was sealed away as he will be Kakuranger's great power! The Gokaigers will summon Ninjaman into battle and I hope he will go into Samurai mode. This is great though having him on the team will be great and seeing him fight again will bring back great nostalgia. If Saban does adapt this, it could be nice to see the character Ninjor come back.
Also the first scans of Gobusters have been revealed as we see a much better image of the new team. I am still liking their designs as its a little different than previous sentai which will be great after an anniversary series. A new step into the franchise could be a great move and could affect the future of the franchise. Now it is a little odd to see a ranger on a motorcycle because the first thing that pops into my head is Kamen Rider.
We also get to see how the robot partners will look like and it seems that they will help in battle as well. I can easily see Red and Blue's being able to, but that little yellow robot will be easily defeated. Now this is mostly the big change for sentai as partners were used before like in Go-onger, but this is completely different as each robot will have different ways of being used and there will be more coming.
Their first fight will be in Gavan VS Gokaiger as they will fight Basco! I always want to see new heroes, but they have to fight Basco who will easily be a hard opponent. Good luck to you Gobusters because Basco will not go down easily and Sally is a pretty good fighter as well. Overall the end of Gokaiger is coming soon as hype for the new series is easily around. One thing is for sure it will be hard for a series to be like Gokaiger. Gokaiger is still an amazing series and I don't care if the ending will suck everything else about the series was great.

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