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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze: Astronauts and Samurai!

Recently the movie theme for Megamax came out called Samurai Strong Style, I don't understand the title as it would fit better with Shinkenger, but oh well.
The movie theme is very catchy even with its title Samurai Strong Style, but I still don't get why its called that. The guitar is also a very nice touch as the drums are in the mix as well. I don't know a lot about the group or I should say Duo, but I know they had a very impressive cover for the song. Overall a good song, but nothing special imo.
Next is the first insert theme from Kamen Rider Fourze called Giant Step by Astronauts. I do know a little more about this group as they are a pretty recent group with two veteran singers, a popular anime singer May'n and a former vocalist for SURFACE, Yoshiharu Shiina. I will easily say this at first I could tell who the female singer was when I first heard the song because of how it reminded me of Macross Frontier and its amazing opening theme. I really love this song its a great fast paced song that will get your blood pumping. The singers themselves sound great and I like the mix of techno that is used correctly unlike many songs in America. This insert song is on the same level as Believe in Yourself from Agito and Supernova from Kiva. This song will also have a mv as a preview is out now and so far its look like a good mv.
Full Song

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