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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle Review

Merry Christmas to everyone first of all and since Gokaiger will be ending soon its about time that I watched the 199 movie and review it. The movie starts with the Legends War that was mentioned in episode one of Gokaiger as we see the Goseigers having issues with their fight. They try to retreat to rest for a while, but more of the Zangyack appear, but Akaranger and Big One appear! The two tell the Goseigers about the other sentai members giving up their lives to end the Zangyack as the Goseigers will join them. More troops appear though, but luckily the Extra Heroes appear so that the team could get to the final battle. There we see every sentai warrior excluding the Gokaigers fight the Zangyack and some scenes are from episode one, but they did insert some other scenes along with voice acting from the original actors. Then it comes as every team tries to get rid of the Zangyack with one big blast as the Extra Heroes join as well as their powers explode and destroy the fleet. Luckily everyone survived, but now their powers have scattered into space as we see more veteran heroes talk to the Goseigers and we see Akared in space. Now time has passed as we see the Gokaigers fight the Barizorg and Insarn and this takes place after their first encounter with Basco. Of course the team take down the troops, but when they take out the Goseiger keys the original members come out and take them as they get their powers back. Insarn and Barizorg soon retreat as Alata tries to talk to the other team about GoseiKnight's key. With no knowledge of past sentai teams they don't know who Knight is. Also the Gokaigers don't want any more keys taken from them as they soon fight. Everything ends at a draw when the two finishers collide and explode as both teams are blasted away. Meanwhile with the Zangyack Gill complaining again about his plans being ruined. Soon though a dark figure appears before them as it is Kuro Jujigun Soutou! He has come back from the dead for revenge on the Super Sentai and the people who believed in them as he will kill them off and has no attentions for Earth. The Zangyack agree with his terms as they make a pact. Now the Goseigers will try to get Knight's key back and what will the past villain do to accomplish his goals?!
Pros- I know that the Goseigers are very hated in the franchise as I do hate their series as well, but they did good in the Shinkenger movie and this one. They are still veterans as they give the Gokaigers a good fight before teaming up and how they viewed the pirates were different from other veterans. They actually saw them as villains of some kind because of their views and they couldn't trust them so they thought they needed to take action once more. I love how each member interacted with each other, but the best was Luka and Moune as they are very similar and it added some nice comedy to the movie. The fights were great as the higher budget does help with that as it can look a little nicer to see. Seeing veterans is always a plus even if they have short scenes as seeing past actors act as their roles once more brings iconic value and tons of nostalgia. Reminding me of nostalgia if you watched Super Sentai as a child you will love this movie as there are a lot of themes from other series. At some points it felt like the Showa era was in high definition mostly with old actors returning, but some old messages that were used made it feel like the older series. This movie is over the top in a good way though as the fights are done well and have amazing moments like the all mecha fight!
Just amazing!
Neutral- There is one thing that bugs me a little and that is when both teams have to fight summons of past sentai teams. Now the fight was great, but seeing our heroes defeat some of them and some really big iconic characters felt odd cheering for the heroes at times.
Just feels odd seeing heroes fight heroes at times
Cons- This is a big one because if you don't know anything about Super Sentai this is not a film for new fans, since it has many references and the iconic value won't be as strong then. Now there are some dumb moments in the film, but they are so little that it doesn't affect the overall feeling of the movie. I was angered by this though, I know its probably because of budget, but they use stock footage from older series so yea you will see old effects being used in the movie. It felt a little lazy as they could just show the weapon and just make the usual blast effect that the movie used before. This happens during the all Sentai battle and the mecha fight as it feels out of place at times, but at least we see all robos fight at the same time!
Overall- This is a movie that is simply freaking amazing if you're a Sentai fan as there are many references and past methods used in this movie. The fights are amazing with great choreography and many iconic things like past actors and even villains. I will give it an A- because even with many great things there are some random moments and those moments don't make sense at times, but this is an amazing movie with soooooooo much love for the franchise!

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