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Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 Kamen Rider Saido?

 More and more rumors appear, but it seems that both the tablet and painter rider could be false since it seems next year the rider will be a ninja. There is an actual image unlike the other two rumors so this could be the one. First I am sooo hoping that this is the rider because I am in love with his design. The first thing is the belt it looks more like the standard rider belt and it means the franchise is going back like how Go-Busters went back to armlets. The ninja star visor is amazing and the overall black coloring reminds me of older riders like the original Ichigo, Black, and Black RX. Also the belt does remind me of Black a little. Now the name Saido means color saturation which is probably what lead to the painter rider rumors. This is a fanart picture to the original image, but it seems very real to me and I hope it's true. This will be the first full ninja themed rider, sure there is ZX, but there are only little things that represent that theme. I am amazed on how the rumors are going crazy right now, this is probably the first time where completely different rumors are coming up for the next hero. I mean there are three different rumors to follow now and each one seems more reasonable after the other. The difference with this one is that there is a name and some sort of image to go with it. Overall the ninja theme is really there and the bug theme still exists with it and I think the idea of his name can be realistic since he is a ninja and changing colors can help in different situations.

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