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Monday, April 16, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 7 Review: All Aboard

We begin this episode off with maintenance on the Ace and one of the workers is delightful to be working. This man wants to be a much better mechanic so that he can help the Busters. He starts to polish Nick's head as his boss yells at him for staying in the cockpit for too long. He is only in there to check the Enertron supply and he leaves something undone because of being startled by his boss. The gang appear and see the fresh blood getting the boss mad already as they also see him trip on the stairs. When he gets up he notices Hiromu and gets happy, but he soon realizes to pick up his things. The new guy leaves as Hiro thinks he isn't ready to be repairing the Ace as he over hears it. Meanwhile with Enter he tries to plan out the next attack for Enertron, but Messiah starts to bawl on how he wants the Go-Busters to suffer. Enter gets out before Messiah says anymore and gets ready for the next attack by making the Railroid from a train. Like before the energy readings are seen and the Megazord will appear in half an hour. The maintenance team start to give the Ace Enertron, but we all know that there is going to be a fluke somewhere.The roid already gets a little Enertron, but Enter wants him to reach a full tank before reporting back. The Busters appear and we find out Enter's goal is to steal Enertron from the lines on top of the trains. It seems that Enter wants the Entertron so he can increase the numbers or roids and zords, but for some reason I think there is another reason. Enter then summons the grunts as he and the roid leave.
The Busters transform and dodge the enemy's lasers. Using the trains as covers, Yoko easily shoots them from below and above. Hiromu ambushes three grunts and kills them with his sword while Ryuji blast them and strangles one of them. With the grunts gone Yoko leaves to track down the roid with her mecha and the other two split up. Meanwhile in the base there seems to be a little power failure as the hanger is having an Enertron overload. We soon find out from Gorisaki that the Ace is broken as we see that one of the circuit boards has short circuited. Hiro returns to base and the repairs for the Ace will take around half an hour while the Megazord only has fifteen minutes left. The new guy apologizes, but Hiro isn't that forgiving and bashes him down with his words. Yoko then finds the roid as Hiro and Nick start to leave, but stop when they hear the new guy wants to be fired. Before Hiro leaves he tells him that if he can't do the job properly he should just quit on his own and he says he doesn't make mistakes (hypocrite!). Meanwhile with Ryuji he gets the roid to change his path by making an illusion of a train appear (Dairanger reference?). Ryuji then tries to stop him, but the roid simply gets off of the tracks as Ryuji tells Yoko where it is heading. As Hiro is driving on Nick, Nick talks about how the new guy Kyoma has potential. Hiro though thinks that any mistake can lead to chaos and if Kyoma cannot take the stress he should just leave.
The roid is then stopped again, but by Hiro this time as he transforms and fights him. The fight doesn't begin well though as he sees a metal chicken (I forget what you call those things) and freezes up. Luckily Yoko shoots it as Hiro gets unfrozen. There Ryuji gives him a push as Hiro dashes at the roid with his super speed. Hiro catches up and stops the roid as the rest of the team get in the battle. After Hiro kicks the roid in the head, Ryuji comes in a pile drives him! Then Yoko jumps in with a drop kick, but the roid starts to fire tracks at them. The team easily blast them away though as the roid tries to escape. Hiro gets in front of him and the other two surround him. There the three hack and slash at the roid and finish him off the the charged up slash. Enter sees the defeat of the roid, but it's only in a couple of seconds before the Megazord appears. It's a Beta zord as it summons two other robots as the cling together to form a train as they are heading for the Enertron tower. With the Ace still needing repairs, Ryuji and Yoko get their machines to fight off the Megazord. Before they leave though Hirou apologizes for him freezing up and says it's his mistake. The two machines are sent out as the Ace repairs are going well. Until the new guy notices that his screwdriver is missing, but Hirou gives it to him.
The two start to talk about how fifty people work on the Ace and Hirou is finally noticing that the team is not fighting alone. Hiro then tells Kyoma that he shouldn't let failure stop him from what he is doing and that he is part of the team. The two bond as Kyoma puts in a new circuit board in the machine. With Ryuji he gets his machine into animal mode and tries to stop the zord with lasers. That doesn't work though as the zord deflects the attacks and has the two other robots fire at Ryuji. Yoko gives him some support from the sky though as she shoots the zords. The repairs are finished and the Ace starts to get Enertron. While Hiro waits he promises that they will destroy the Vaglass as him, his team, and the people who work hard would want that. The Ace is now ready for combat and is sent out with good timing as well since Yoko and Ryuji cannot take on the zords by themselves. With the Ace in action now the team combine to make Gobuster-oh! The Megazord sends the other two to attack as the mecha blocks the lasers, but gets hit in close combat. They then begin to charge the sword as the Megazord is going for a full out charge on them. The charge gets completed though and a fire attack comes out of the sword destroying the two robots in the sky. There they trap the Megazord in the sphere and use the Dimension Crush to finish it off. After the fight Hiro tells Kyoma that it's time for him to take care of the Ace.
Episode 7 is another faulty episode, but probably worse than episode 6. First there is the huge part where Hiro finally sees that there are more people fighting for the same cause. Really because the people who tell you when Megazords are coming or whenever a Metaroid is coming, you never saw them as a part of the battle? Also he says he never makes a mistake which is bull crap! Hell he even said in this episode that he did so yea that's kinda bad for the writing there. The minor character Kyoma was bland there is nothing special about him he was just a new guy who messed up. Enter didn't do that much either which is disappointing, but I like his idea of getting more energy for a new roid. The fights were good with the only great one being when the team take out the rail roid. It was great team work in the action and I love their finishers. Sadly the mecha fight was bad, first we just see Ryuji and Yoko losing didn't make things fun and when the Ace does get into the action they go straight into the combined mecha. It gets worse when that part of the fight is quick like last time with the reveal of Gobuster-oh. I know it takes a lot of energy to use, but at least make a longer fight with it. The interactions though were better than the last episode , but there are too many other glaring factors like how bad the cliches were in this episode. I give it a C-
Next Time: Two are always better than one.


  1. I thought this was a decent episode. Got some interesting insight into how Hiromu thinks.

  2. Yea, but I just didn't like what his thoughts were on this episode. What he thought mostly seem obvious since the 1st episode.