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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shigeru Araki's Death

Yesterday was a sad day for rider fans as Shigeru who is known for his role of Jo Shigeru has passed away at the age of 63 from pneumonia. What is shocking though is that he had a fight against cancer in the year 2007 and got through. His immune system did suffer though so its a miracle that he lived for another 5 years. I have watched a couple of episodes of Stronger and for me it's one of the best Showa era rider series. Shigeru was a great actor and the character Stronger was awesome. I loved the concept of him tricking the villains to change him into a cyborg so he can get revenge for his friend. Also the name Stronger is great its like he is mocking the enemy with just his name. Another thing that the Stronger series does great with is the cast of villains as it still is known for great villains like Titan and General Shadow. He is gone, but his memory shall live on with fans as they have a lot of them from their time growing up. Shigeru say himself to be a hero and tried to be the ward assemblyman for Meguro. He sounds like a great man to be around and as I said before many will remember him for his great roles.

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