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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 30 Review: Trust

I'm very sorry that this review is coming a little later than usual. I got sick and it wasn't pretty, but I am back to full health. Starting the episode off is Ran trying to protect Haru which gets him angry as he attacks Ran. With Meteor he uses the Storm finisher on the grunts and tries to attack Haru. Ran gives him a heads up though as he avoids Meteor by going into the little flies form. Haru escapes then as Gen tries to talk with Ran about Haru. He knows that she wants to stop Haru and as the upperclassman he will help Ran. Ran though remembers the time she swore not to trust them again and brushes Gen off. She leaves and soon finds Haru who is not happy being protected. His appearance is also getting worse and he throws the key chain the into the creek and leaves saying that he will protect her. Gen and the others get into the Rabbit Hutch and sees that Ohsugi is there. Shun and Miu come in as well as Ohsugi is shocked to see who is involved with all of this. With the villains they talk about Haru and how his evolution is also affecting his mental state. Gamou says that he could be the seventh Horoscope and Virgo is confused because there isn't a sixth one yet. Back with the heroes as Ohsugi is trying to comprehend things, but he doesn't believe in a word they are saying. To get his trust, Gen transforms into Fourze and takes Ohsugi outside. Now that he finally realizes everything was true the gang ask of him to keep it a secret. He will not do that though since having unregistered clubs it against the rules. Miu won't allow this though as she commands the gang to catch him!
Ryusei is about to enter the Rabbit Hutch, but Tachibana calls him to tell him of some intel. It seems a Zodiart has awaken at a different school. This is odd though as it seems most evolutions occur at the Amanogawa school because it's near The Hole? So now Ryusei has a mission to look into his old school to find the new Zodiart. Back with Ran as she looks for the key chain and we get her back-story now. It seems during one day of school with the swim team, Ran is sent home early because she isn't feeling her best. She comes back for her phone and sees Haru being bullied by the others. The one of them throws the key chain into the pool as Ran sees everything and gets it back. At that point she promises Haru that she will protect him and won't trust in the upperclassmen. Gen then appears on jumps into the creek to help Ran look for the key chain. Ran gives him the silent treatment as she continues to look on her own. Gen tries to talk with her about her past, but she gives up and leaves. Ryusei gets to his old school and meets and old friend, but two other guys ran away with her. Ryusei wonders what is going on as he sees Libra! Gen is still looking as the others soon appear to talk with Ran. Kengo says having Ran can help save Haru, but she just walks away.
Back at the other school as Libra is attacked by Meteor. He quickly goes into Meteor Storm as Libra is having some trouble. Libra though changes into Tomoko as it pauses Meteor. There he attacks Meteor and runs away. In the Rabbit Hutch Shun is trying to catch Ohsugi, but the gravity switch is accidentally turned off. There Ohsugi floats out of the door as Miu and Shun get tangled up in a hammock. In the school a girl is asking Haru some questions, but he snaps and attacks her with a desk. When she is on the ground Haru tells her if she wants to stay alive she will not talk to him anymore.Ohsugi now is off to the principal with a switch in his hand, but he runs into Ran. Ran notices the switch and suspects Ohsugi is the teacher who gave Haru the switch. Haru sees the two and suspects that Ohsugi is bullying Ran as his switch goes into Last One. Ran still tries to help Haru, but that keeps angering him as he transforms and his evolution is complete. Ran tries to talk with Haru, but he is not even listening anymore as he chases Ohsugi who escapes by riding a bike. Soon the gang appear and give Ran the key chain that Haru threw away. She finally realizes that the upperclassmen aren't bad and tells the gang that Haru is completely out of control. Ran tells Gen that she didn't want to be betrayed like before as Gen gives her the Rider Club handshake.
Haru catches up with Ohusgi, but Gen appears and defends him. Gen gets ready for his transformation as Ohsugi starts to make some weird faces. Gen transforms into Fourze and fights Haru. To start they both fly in the air and collide and land back down. There Gen punches Haru away as he attacks with the a much stronger spray. Gen counters though with the Shield switch and attacks with the Aero switch. Gen then uses the Scoop switch to cover Haru in dirt, but he gets out easily. Gen takes things to the air then with the Gyro switch and the Gatling switch. Things get ugly though as Haru separates into the tiny flies again and attacks Gen. The gang appear as Kengo tells Gen that Haru cannot be stopped in that form and Gen asks about the new switch. Kengo doesn't have it though, but Ohsugi has it and throws it to Gen. He activates the Net switch as it can create an energy net that catches Haru. With all the flies in one place they combine together as Haru is trapped by the energy net as Ryusei appears, but it doesn't seems that Gen needs his help. Next is Magnet States, but he cannot finish Haru off yet. Since his mind is still in chaos they need to get him back to normal before the finisher. Gen tells Ran to help out as she walks up to Haru, but Ryusei thinks it's too late. She talks about how Haru wanted to protect her and promises to not say anything about protecting Haru anymore. Haru soon snaps back into his normal state of mind and asks Gen to finish him off as he does.
The gang then get back to Haru as Ran gives him back the key chain. The two stay as friends and Haru will not become stronger without the switch. The two then ask to become members of the Kamen Rider Club, but Kengo says that they will be trial members until Haru heals up. All seems well, but there is still the Ohgusi issue as Jake points him out. In the Rabbit Hutch, Ohsugi says that the club cannot go on without an advisor, so he will become the advisor! Everyone is shocked to hear this as Ohsugi wants to protect the club members like they protect the students. Gen is completely happy with this and Ohsugi starts to yell everyone's name. He then notices Ryusei and is surprised that he is part of the club as well. Everything all seems good as Yuuki, Gen, and Ohsugi yell together in joy. All of a sudden, Ryusei's watch cracks and the watch is from Jirou. Meanwhile with the villains, Hayami apologizes about not getting the next Horoscope. Gamou though is too happy with the sixth member as his evolution has gone perfectly. We then find out that the sixth member is Aries as we see him at Ryusei's school.
Episode 30 is another okay episode mostly because it suffers from the same faults of the last episode. First things went as expected as I thought. Haru is going out of control, but thanks to Ran he snaps back to normal. I wasn't expecting them to become members though, but for some reason I think we won't see them again. This is because they are trial members and who knows how long it takes for Haru to completely heal up. I am hoping though that they do come back since having more members for the show will be nice. Ohsugi was good as well and I never really hated him. He is a good comedic character and having him finally being a club member does shock me a little. Because originally I always thought that Ohsugi was a Zodiart mostly because Leo is around, but we never see him that much. I also like that the switches are going around other schools which makes a lot of sense, but we learn that there is a Hole that makes evolution at the school more possible. Aries is a student of the first school though so he was probably transferred in. This shows that Hayami wanted to make sure that he would stay safe for his evolution and it worked. Which gets me to another point the build up for Aries is really well done. I can tell he is going to be a big villain since there is a lot of build up for him. If Cancer was really awesome I am hoping Aries will be the same or even better. There were only about three fights in this episode, but the first two are pretty short. The final fight with Haru though was great as more switches were used. There were two new switches and others came back. Overall it does suffer from the cliche Haru and Ran story arc, but the drama did improve a little, the fights were well done, and the build up for Aries is near perfect. I give this episode a B-
Next Time: Meteor's struggle

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