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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Pink Sentai Warriors

The color pink is always used for females in sentai ever since the first sentai series. Mostly they are the fifth member and are good support characters, but some do break that from time to time.

10. Mei (Ptera Ranger)
To start off the list is a basic female sentai warrior as she mostly acts like a princess like character. This is because she was one back in her time so that makes her character mostly. She is a gentle person who loves to care for childern. The big reason why she is on the list is because of one of focus episodes where she thinks about the past and how she would love to be there again. She also has some good fighting moments as she is very skilled with a bow and arrow.

9. Miku Imamura (Mega Pink)
Another example of a usual pink sentai warrior is when they are bright and very happy. Miku fits that perfectly as she loves to play around like a child and doesnt care much for school. She has a good friendship with Kenta since both have similar views about school and she also fell in love in Shun. She also has good comedic moments like when she says she will go on a diet, but still goes aheads and eats.

8. Momoko (Pink Mask)
Now I get to a tough pink warrior and many fans love this character. She was a big support for Takeru as she helped him try to get over his revenge. Even looking damn hot she can fight really well and has many great moments. Her support towards Takeru really helped develop each other, but sadly their character plot did get a little too much focus in my opinion. I can see why though as it was very important for the series to do this.

7. Saya (Ginga Pink)
She was a mix character mostly she acted like a tough pink warrior as she acted like that mostly. Also like Hayate she deals with loss of her villiage and a lover and fights for victory. There are some episodes though where she can act like the opposite of herself. The best example is when she met someone who looked liked her, but this girl was a model. The two actually switch places as no one could tell the difference.

6. Koume Kodou (DekaPink)
Along with Jasmine (DekaYellow) there was another female warrior who has a good amount of fans. Her nickname is Umeko and she is a airhead who loves to take baths. This personality of hers mostly can get her into trouble sometimes if she loses her badge or she has to deal with love. There are good episodes for her though like when she had to trust Murphy a robot who seemed to be broken, but she kept going. Also along with her problems she is then the one fixing them as she had to act like an officer would as she had to leave things behind.

5. Yuuri (TimePink)
When ever someone mentions Timeranger Yuuri is one of the first things people think of because she is actually the leader of the team. This broke the usual line up for sentai as she was a tough and strict leader who had to push her team along at times. Yuuri has a sort of rivalry with Don Dunero as her family was killed by an assassin sent by him. As being leader she does not ask for help mostly as she will work alone the most unless she knows the others are needed. Yuuri makes most of the big decisions in the series and she goes through good development during her time in the 20th century.

4. Ahim de Famille (Gokai Pink)
There are a lot of fans split on who is better Luka or Ahim? For me I'm with Luka, but Ahim is no doubt a great character. Like the others she hates the Zangyack as she used to be a princess on her planet and it was destoryed. She can act very nice like a princess is mostly, but how why is she a pirate? I love the abaranger tribute episode because Ahim really shown her true colors as she can let loose like the others. I really cant wait for more of her episodes and to see how she will fight the zangyack because the emperor is coming soon.

3. Mako Shiraishi (Shiken Pink)
Another reason why Shinkenger did great, Mako was an amazing pink warrior. She is a person who loves to care for others as before the first fight she worked at a kindergarten. When the first time she heard about Kotoha's story about her replacing her sister she hugged her. Throughout the series she does try to help Kotoha and protect her. She also tried to be a cook which failed, but unlike other bad cook pink warriors she actually does quit. She is also similar to Momoko as she helped Takeru through his problems and she could read people easily. She does have her own issues as well though like with her past and her rivalry with Dayu.

2. Sakura Nishibori (Bouken Pink)
She is probably the most loyal pink I have seen in sentai. Sakura used to be part of a rich family, but somehow she joins the in military. Because of this she becomes used to machines and weapons making her great for repairs and to kick ass! I remember the episode where she had to fight with guns and explosives! She can be very doubtful though at times, but she starts to trust her teammates more and more. She can also have a good side when one time Eiji was wounded by the Questers and she gave them hell! Even when things seem over she learns about her true mission and still fights no matter what. She is a strong character who did love SGS as she will always work for her mission.

1. Lin (HououRanger)

Lin is a great example of another tough pink, but she also was a pretty shy girl at times. She can act like a usual girl geting flustered by people like her grandfather and Kou (you lucky brat). Lin has the most powerful psychic senses and was a very smart woman. She has soft spots though like with Kou because of his past, but even before she still knew that he was sad. There was also a moment when she was becoming an idol and was falling in love with her manager. In reality though her manager was a Gorma who was using her, but he changed his ways and was killed by Gara. She snapped and hit Gara hard as she walked through Gara's attacks. She even had to kill her loved one because he was revived and was being controlled. Overall Lin is a character who will always fight for others and not herself as she protects many people. Remember always feel free to leave comments.


  1. Oh woo hoo! Pinks!

    Although Mei is at #10, I'm still glad you put her in the list!

    Momoko just... needs moar love. That's all, yeah.

    Saya... god, now that you mention it, she's climbing higher and higher on the list of mine.

    Forgot to mention that Yuuri would've been a runner-up in my list. I should put her as a 'Honorable mention' (probably same goes to Umeko).

    I guess I am one of the few who likes Ahim better than Luka, though.

    And yay for Mako and Sakura. Although for Mako, I don't think she quits, she just didn't get any cooking episodes after Jii told her not to abandon her dream anymore. I'm sure she's still trying to improve her cooking... off-screen.

    Hmmm, you sure are a big Dairanger fan, huh? Lin is cool as well.

    Anyway, this is a great list!

  2. Yea I love Dairanger even though I havent seen all of it. Im in the 30's right now and I just love it Dairanger is a great series that still has some of the best fights and characters imo. Now my next list will probably be top ten sentai series. If Dairanger does make the list it could be a little low because I havent seen all of it yet.

  3. Best list so far. :) I haven't seen a whole lot of pinks but the ones I do like are all on this list.

    Mei I think is an ok character. She's cute and adorable, but there's not much else to her character. I do enjoy her episodes however, particularly the punks episode. Overall, I think she's about the third best character on Zyuranger.

    I love Umeko. Although she lacks somewhat in development, I think she's the single best comedy releif female character among 2000's Sentai. Her actress really did a good job portraying the character, and she has a great singing voice as well.

    Yuuri I think is a great character as well. Not only for being a different pink and being the team leader, but her development with her backstory and relationship with Tatsuya. I personally would rank her higher on the list. I just think she's that good.

    Ahim is awesome as well. I think she's a bit underapreciated because she hasn't gotten as much development as the other Gokaigers yet. I like that she can switch from being a sweet princess to a really badass gun slinger. I also loved the Abaranger episode where she stoled the show. She was brilliant.

    I like Mako as well, but I would rank her a little lower on the list. She kinda lacks development like Ahim and Umeko, but like both of them she doesn't really need any development. I like her as a support character and as comedic releif, with her bad cooking.

    I haven't seen Lin but Sakura is my favorite pink. She's like the Tomb Raider action-girl of Sentai. I also like her development from being cold and emotionless to slowly opening up. I loved the episode when she took matters into her own hands with the guns, but what makes that more awesome is a later episode when she has to show a completely different side of her and be cute and funny like Natsuki.

  4. Oh I remember that episode when Sakura was acting like that it was so funny to watch. Also I think tv-nihon has subbed over 30 episodes so far of Dairanger.

  5. Pinks are next. =)

    I think Mei is alright, but she really needed more development imo in order to really get the character. Ah well.

    Awesome! Miku! IMO, one of the best Pinks of all time! =D

    Glad you put Momoko on there. IMO, she's the most badass pink warrior in sentai to date. Though Mai (Change Phoenix) is a tough contender. lol.

    Awesome. Saya. =)

    Umeko is fun. Her actress fit the role well. ^__^

    Yuuri is awesome too.

    So far, Ahim has impressed me very much as well.

    Mako is okay, but I find her to be rather lacking compared to Kobayashi's previous pinks (Saya and Yuuri). She just didn't seem as deep or groundbreaking to me. But she's still fine.

    Sakura, I'm kinda mixed on. While I do love the overall idea of her character, it's her affections towards Akashi which confuses me. And Akashi is a character that I have very mixed feelings on. And since a good chunk of Sakura's development is related to Akashi, that kinda made me like her a bit less. But like Mako, she's still an okay character.

    Awesome. Lin! =D

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  8. 1. Mako
    2. Ahim
    3. Umeko
    4. Sakura
    5. Eri
    6. Amy
    7. Kagura
    8. Momoko
    9. Mei
    10. Houka