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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A New Rider and a New Mecha and a Returning Hero!

Yup its time for more Megamax pictures and as you can see we see the Double, OOO, and Fourze together in their henshin pose. Also we see the three riders, Nadeshiko, and a new rider! First this isnt the rumored Kamen Rider Grey. He is going to be a movie rider as his name is Aqua. High chance Aqua is going to be somehow related to Poseidon because think about it.

The new movie rider looks pretty badass I must say his helmet reminds me of the original kamen rider and his belt looks similar to something as well, but I cant remember. Anyways I like this design, it easily looks like a water themed rider with a great shade of blue mixed with silver. It seems that he will also using a jet ski. High chance this rider is a reference to Sea Jetter Kaito I dont know much about him, but I have seen images of him.

With Gokaiger news pictures of Kazen Gokai-oh have been released and thanks with Go-onger's great powers they can combine with Gojyujin along with MachFalcon. First I like how they keep the face of Gokai-oh and they have the drill from Gozyujin. Also there is a new hand equip I guess thats from MachFalcon. This will easily be used a lot for the rest of the series as new rumors come out about Basco getting more powers from Sun Vulcan and Fiveman as there will only be one left which will be Kakuranger. Will there be tribute episodes for the series Basco stole powers from? I hope so because I want to see a Maskman and Sun Vulcan tribute. I give credit to the show though to think of the story first not just focus on tribute episodes it will make the series more dynamic.

Also the first picture of Gavan vs Gokaiger has been shown as well! Showing Gavan in his famous pose with his laser sword. The original actor will be playing him of course and this is going to be awsome! Metal Heroes are great and it seems that they actually fought in the Legends War. The original three Gavan, Sharivan, and Shaider fought along with the sentai warriors. Even all of the other Metal Heroes are fighting as well like both the B-Fighters, Jansperon, Gun Gibson, SolBraver, and Knight Fire. There is a high chance that they didnt lose their powers mostly because Gavan can still use his powers. I cant wait for that though to see Metal Heroes redone in a movie and I'm hoping that this could revive the franchise because we can always have more toku. Overall both movies are going to be epic bringing back old heroes to fight again and the Gokaiger series is getting more epic with new rumors keep popping up like Joe and Barizorg's final battle and Doc's past!

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