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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gosei Sentai Dairanger Series Review

All the episodes have been subbed by fan sub groups and I was so happy to see more episodes of this series to be subbed. This is the Sentai series that only had the robots and monsters adapted into the second season of MMPR. The Dairanger suits never came to America, but only Kibaranger did, so did Saban make the right move with this? Well I think so the series is pretty violent and the fighting style of this team is completely different from Zyuranger. The show is about two clans reappearing after a war that has happened eight thousand years ago. The series mostly follows our heroes fighting the Gorma who have many secrets in their clan as they will all be revealed. With the help from Kaku five people get away from their normal lives to fight and have great skills in martial arts as every member as a different style. The series has a big Chinese motif to it so it references marital arts films a lot. The leader is Ryou who used to be an apprentice chief where he wanted to make the best Goyza. He has descendants from the Dai tribe and he soon finds secrets about his family and meets a great rival. Daigo is a man that owns a pet store as he seems to be a calm and gentle person, but when he fights he is one serious fighter you don't want to mess with. Along with his fight he finds love and tries to protect it. Shouji is a bold character who is comical, but also serious about his manhood he loves challenges and likes to play fair. With him he finds rivals that always cheat, but he bonds with them anyways and takes them on repetitively. Kazu is a hair stylist and he is a character who likes to think, but can just rush into battle. He is a very suave man and was actually a country boy from before who ran from home and now turns into a city boy and in his adventure he meets a new friend with a strange connection to the Dai tribe. Lin is a girl from college as she is Kaku's nephew and by her outside appearance she seems shy, but like Daigo the battlefield changes her completely as she meets a boy with a dark past. That boy is Kou who becomes Kibaranger and his past connects to Shadam a commander in the Gorma and soon his dark past is revealed and he will loss many things.
Pros- I love the motif this series has because it is constantly used because of the many different styles of fighting each member has and even villains have some of their own moves. The plot is actually great as it connects more with the villains and the conspiracies hidden in their clan. I love the cast of heroes as they all have some branching part about themselves and have great focus episodes. The fights in the series is a personal favorite of mine and not only because they follow real techniques. There are some great out of suit fights and one on one fights which really shows the strength each team member has. Has I said before every member has a set of focus episodes and are all great I love that each character has some sort of challenge and can learn from their fights. I love the villains in this series, except one, but that will be for later. The Gorma are a very well done set of villains as some are just plainly evil, but there are some good ones who are soon have to fight. Even a human gets involved with the war and becomes one of the best rival characters in sentai IMO. The robots in this series and their fights are great because I think the 90's has some of the best robot fights. Dairanger marked the solo red robot which is being seen in Gobusters. Shadam is mostly the main villain and he does so much that it amazes me how much he does and all for one single goal.
He actually gets adpated into MMPR as Mondo
Cons-With all the great characters there is some flops, first is Kazu and the only reason is because he gets ignored, but when he gets an episodes it's great. In the villains I hate Gara and her connection with Daigo's love story was starting out good, but it ends up really lame. I really it was just plainly horrible how cliche it got and the character Kujaku was great, it's said she was paired with Gara. Along with Gara there are just some strange minor villains, but that can be good at times. Kou is the sixth ranger, but he suffers from what Kazu had which was he was ignored, but not as badly. Kou gets probably better episodes than Kazu and his character is important to the story. The ending of the series is also kinda eh, I don't want to say much about it, but if you saw it you know what I'm talking about.
I mean really what kind of monster is that?!
Overall- Even with one bad villain and some bad minor villains, this is a must watch for Sentai fans. The series actually starts some big things for the franchise like the suit less role call and made out of suit fights amazing! Each character has a part in the story if its big or not and there are many more villains to love than hate. With the great fights, characters, and story this is one of my favorite sentai and I can't decide which one I like more Gokaiger or Dairanger! Well this show gets an A+ If you love martial arts film there will be many things you will love.
I will keep with this as well, Ryou is the most bad-ass red warriors of the franchise. Also Daigo is one of the greatest green warriors, heck every member is one of the best in their categories!


  1. Awesome review. Dairanger rocks! It's my second favorite Sentai season, behind Gingaman! =D

    Though I'm really shocked that you don't like Gara! She's played by Akiko Kurusu, who's like, the female Yutaka Hirose! She's very cold, threatening, and badass! I think she's the second best villain behind Shadamn in Dairanger. Oh well. To each their own I guess.

    I think Kazu is more involved in the show than people tend to give him credit for. I think he's an overall pretty solid character. As for Kou, he wasn't really as much of a main character as the core five, so I think that's okay. I think Kou gets the right amount of screentime.

    What I really loved about the Gorma was how crazy they were. It was like a circus full of nightmare fuel. I will agree with you though that the suit designs weren't the best (doesn't help that the budget was kinda small). Though I think the craziness factor makes up for it. But yeah, I prefer Maskman's monster designs more. lol

  2. I was liking Gara with her story with Kujaku, but when I found out the true reasons of her being evil it was just dumb IMO. For me I will always remember Jin he is the last Yutaka role and combines everything that is loveable about him into an anti-hero. Dairanger is my favorite it may ignore some of the main characters at times, but their villains are just great and wacky. Again though some were beyond odd and didn't look like they couldn't fight. With some of my favorite warriors though, villains, fights, and mechas there is so much to love.

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