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Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Kamen Rider Villains

Well I'm already going to do the second part of the villain list for Kamen Rider and I will do a group list for Sentai as well.
10. Shiro Kazanki from Ryuki
The man who started the rider war with unknown reasons why he was a very interesting character. Now Dragon Knight didn't have this guy and their villain was okay, but nothing special. I won't say why he does all of this because its mostly the plot of the Ryuki series. Either way though he wanted to make sure things worked out the way he wanted to as he picked the riders to fight to the death. He even gets involved by controlling the 13th rider Odin.

9. Bishop from Kiva
At first he was being seen as a threat as the King was mostly making all the moves. For reasons I won't say Bishop takes lead as he goes crazy and gets very creepy. I mean seriously I got freaked out by him when he got those soulless eyes. I liked his little rivalry with Nago as the two fought each other a lot and he actually won a couple of times. Bishop is a surprising villain who at first hides in the background, but soon he will jump out.

8. Great Leader of Shocker from Kamen Rider
I mentioned him before and the great mystery he has because we never saw him until the last episode of the series. That's a great way to build up to a villain as we always wonder who is the brains of the operations. What I like most about the older rider series is that not all of the main villains were not super strong, but always had wit to overcome that. The leader is a great example of that as he was always a threat to the original riders and some say that he is many other villains.
7. Caucasus Undead from Blade
This is my favorite Undead of the series as he was the first King and he was strong! He always wanted to make trouble as he stole Hajime's cards and gives them to Mutsuki for his own pleasure. He posed as a teenage boy and could protect himself with a shield he can summon. In his Undead form he has hard defense like his shield and Kenzaki could barely fight him. Soon though he gets his cards as well and makes Kenzaki realize that the cards don't give him powers as he defeats him with his own strength. He accepts his defeat as he warns Kenzaki about his powers before he is sealed. A great villain that may seem annoying, but in the end he pushed the hero to the highest point and he accepts defeat which is nice to see before he dies.

6. Aki Sawada from Faiz
I don't hear much about Sawada as he is somewhat forgotten in the series even though he does play big parts in the series. Unlike the other members from Ryusei School he betrays them as he starts to kill them off. He does this to get the Delta belt to be part of the Lucky Clover, but he soon gives it back as he soon was seen as a traitor and disbanded from the Clovers. He went through a lot during this time as he soon starts to get his humanity back. Sadly though he had to fight the three Clovers and Kaixa and he couldn't make it as he dies near Mari for the last time and tells them about the truth. He is a very sad character who slowly regains his humanity, but is soon killed because of his past deeds.

5. Shadowmoon from Black and Black RX
Mostly any rider fan I know will always talk about Shadowmoon as he is very iconic in the franchise. To many fans he is the first dark rider as he fought against Kotaro. He was actually his step brother Nobuhiko who goes through the full process as his humanity has been trashed as Shadowmoon took over. He was a strong rival as he was always a challenge for Kotaro. He even appears in Black RX, but has lost his memory as he works with Crisis soon, but goes on his own then. In the end Kotaro deals with the fact that he is not Nobuhiko and attempts to stop Shadowmoon no matter what. In RX it seemed that Nobuhiko could have awoke once more to do an act of heroism before he died. I can see why he is remembered greatly as he was a strong villain who soon has a harsh end as Nobuhiko himself is lost.

4. Kirihiko Sudo from Double
Now I know some people saw him as a waste of time as he didn't really play a big part, but I disagree. Kirihiko was a man who wanted to do what he can for the city of Fuuto that he loves very much. He is married to Saeko as he joins the Sonzaki family. He has the Nasca memory and fights Double as he sees him as the villain. He shows progress with the memory as he takes it to a new level. Sadly though the side effects start to affect him as he tries to do what he can. He actually had no knowledge of Double and the Gaia Memories as he just used the powers to do what he wanted. He actually played more of a hero sort of in the end, but when he tried to save Saeko from the Museum after finding out the truth he is killed by her. It's just a sad death of him as he was just trying to do what he could to protect his city and even loved ones betrayed him. He shows how the organization worked and how they had no mercy for the owners of the memories his character also affects an episode arc where his sister wanted revenge on Saeko.

3. N-Daguva-Zeba from Kuuga
This is the villain that the series was building up to ever since episode one of Kuuga. Its similar to the leader of Shocker as we know nothing about him. All we know that he has similar powers to Kuuga. People actually think of him as a rider because of his similarity to Kuuga and the fact he had a belt that gave him powers. We see him in the final episodes as there was more build up for him as we see that Godai was brutally beaten by him. The final battle the two had was just an amazing fight as the two are equally powerful as both destroy their belts. That doesn't stop the fight though as they take it in their human forms as the villain soon dies from all his injuries. This guy is just an interesting final villain as he has a great mystery and was powerful and when we finally saw him it was serious.

2. Takeshi Asakura from Ryuki
Everyone knows this rider from Ryuki as he progressed the battle greatly and that's why he was chosen by Kenzaki. He is a criminal who has repeated crimes mostly murder as he was crazy. When he became a rider he took out Gai with no problem and more riders. What makes him great is how crazy he is and the series does that great as he had a good episode arc showing that. Barely anything could take him down as he killed four riders! In the end he was killed by the police as they shot him to death on sight. Asakura is a crazy man who could barely go down and you know that the only thing that does stop you is a whole hoard of cops.

1. Dr. Maki from OOO
I bet you were expecting a Double villain to be on the list well no the first place spot goes to the series after Double. At first Maki was odd mostly with his puppet on his shoulder. He has amazing development though in the series as we learn about him and his desire to end the world. He sees that the world must be killed before it turns evil and he loves to see the ends of things. We learn how he experiences this with his older sister who soon turns bitter on him and he kills her because of that. The doll is the last thing that is pure of his sister as he keeps it to remind him of that day. His desire brings him to great lengths as he turns into a Greeed and my goodness was he a threat. The power he had from the purple medals were strong as he commanded the other Greeed with that power. Maki is just an amazing villain to have in the series as he builds up with his own desire to see the end of the world happen. Sure he will be remembered for his funny moments, but I will remember him as a great villain. Well I'm done with this list and always feel free to comment.


  1. I'm kinda mixed on Kanzaki. While some things about him were interesting, I felt like his reasons for doing what he did were quite idiotic at times. xP

    Bishop is awesome. =D

    I personally thought Sawada was annoying and rather incompetent as a villain. He just didn't seem like a character who knew how to think. So he's rather forgetful for me.

    While I think the concept of Shadow Moon is awesome, I feel like he came in way too late. And even then, I feel like he spent too much time standing around doing nothing. His final two fights against Kotaro were awesome though. But did not like his return in RX.

    I really loved Kirihiko. Screw people who think he's useless! xP

    Daguva kicks butt! =D

    Asakura is alright, but I think Mikoto from Abaranger did the crazy henshin hero concept much better.

    I'm kinda mixed on Maki. There are things about him that I thought were really cool. Well, he's like the only interesting villain in OOO imo. lol. The only thing that bugs me are his random untimely comedy moments (which kinda bugged me more than Den-O's humor at times). At times, I did laugh out loud, but at other times, I just rolled my eyes.

  2. Well Sawada for me was sort of a hero in the end, but all of his evil deeds got back to him. He wasn't sure to stick with humanity or a new life because of his past. Yes Maki did have those random moments which I did have to complain about even though it made me laugh. Overall though Maki just impressed me too much and I really didn't expect him to become the final villain for OOO. The other Greeeds were ignored somewhat, but at least there was a good trade for Maki.

  3. Nice list. Unfortunately, I'm not as strong Rider follower than Sentai so I can't get to comment at details.

    Well, except the fact that Shadow Moon's original name is 'Nobuhiko', not 'Nogami'.

  4. If gaim reach it ends I hope you give a review for it,the best rider and the best villain hhhe

    1. High chance this list will have a huge change since my views have changed, mostly with my number one pick.

  5. You know there is an implication (well at least in the Faiz Movie) that the Great Leader may have been one of the "brains" of the Smart Brain... And suddenly Yongou starts to make Way more Freaking Sense