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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Poll Results #15

Did You Like Power Rangers Samurai Special Clash Of The Red Rangers?
Yes- 28
No- 9
Do You Think Ninjaman Will Appear In Gokaiger?
No- 3
Did You Like Episode 11 of Fourze?
Yes- 29
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 12 of Fourze?
Yes- 20
No- 1
My Thoughts
I did like the special, even with its flaws it was somewhat different from Shinkenger even with it using three plots from an episode and two movies. Well Ninjaman has been confirmed to be in the series by episode 45 so I hope that isn't just a false rumor and we clearly see the bottle. I liked the two episodes from Fourze as we finally see Kengo accept Gen and the others as he officially announces the Kamen Rider Club. Also the villain was creepy and he did try to kill people so it was nice to see him get what he deserves.

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