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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 23 Review: In the Name of Love and Righteousness

Opening the episode we see two guys on a motorbike robbing from a woman. They succeed, but then a mysterious figure gets in their way. It appears to be a Zodiart and calls itselfr Cygnus, the swan of justice! Also this Zodiart has been becoming more popular as students in the school talk about the swan. The gang overhear though and think that the hero in the white suit is Fourze. All of a sudden then a man comes in and is dressed like Cygnus and even recites the roll call. Confused why the boy is dressed up they are told about the hero Cygnus and Ryusei wonders if it's another rider. The other boy then gives out flyers for the Ugly Duck Society as they honor Cygnus and Gen wants to see if he can meet him. Yuuki and Ryusei tag along, but then Tomoko is dragged into this as well when she tries to talk about the new roid with Kengo. Kengo tries to get them back because of a new switch, number 35, but it doesn't work out as he clicks the switch. With the villains we see Gamou making Cancer a member of the Horoscopes. There Kijima goes back to normal and talks with Hayami about him being a Zodiart. Hayami tries to take Kijima with him so he could teach him how to find new members, but he rejects the offer because they are equals now.
In the Rabbit Hutch, JK is talking about the UDS and they are increasing in members. Their motto is "You can be a hero too!" Miu sees this as a rip off of the Kamen Rider Club, but it's just a fan club as explained by Kengo. He also mentions about the new switch, Giant Foot and when Jake talks about it Shun thinks they were talking about his feet. It seems that his mother got the wrong sized shows for him as he complains about it, but Miu stops him. There they decide to take interest in the club since this hero could be a Zodiart. Next we see the fan talk about his get up as he was saved by Cygnus from three muggers. The boy also wants to become a hero like Cygnus which explains the costume. Ohsugi is then around as he drops a bunch of papers as the gang help, but the fan boy doesn't... (some hero he is). When Ohsugi is picking up the papers, Cancer appears! After Ohsugi and the two fans boys run away, Kijima goes back to normal as he wanted to give "thanks" to the gang for helping him reach to this power. He also has a bone to pick with Ryusei because he was the one who revealed his identity from before. Gen though challenges him and before he transforms we see his test score is 4!
Well... the two start to fight and we already see his abilities as he can cut throw solid steel! Fourze tries to use the Hammer, Chainsaw, and Drill switch, but none of them can't even damage Cancer's skin. Gen uses Magnet States and tries to shoot at him, but even that doesn't work! With things looking bad Ryusei thinks of entering the fight, but Cygnus appears. He helps Gen with his fight and Cygnus is a good fighter that Kijima calls it a day, but not before one of his jokes. Gen thanks Cygnus for his help and compliments him and the same goes for Cygnus as he gives Fourze 30 points (out of what though?). Gen tries to befriend the hero, but Cygnus says he must walk a lonely road as he is a hero. Gen won't give up though as he is very impressed with the new hero. Ryusei has his concerns though as he thinks a heroic Zodiart is mostly impossible. The gang then get to the Narumi Detective Agency! Wait wrong show, I mean the Ugly Duck Society and when they enter they see a ballerina giving a performance. She is the president of the club and after her performance she notices Eguchi (finally we get his name!). Misa isn't happy though as she wonders why he is late as he shows her the gang. There she starts to label the team as Gen is a punk, Yuuki is an idiot (agree), Tomoko is a goth, and Ryusei is a hottie. She also says that are not good enough to be part of the club and tells them to leave.
Gen doesn't want to go though as he will befriend Cygnus and that desire lets the gang be able to observe them and he gets 20 points (sounds familiar). The group start with each member talking about their heroic deeds and Misa gives them points for their heroism. Eguchi mentions that he didn't help Ohsugi with the paper issue, Misa isn't happy, but she gives him encouragement. The club then start to chant Cygnus' name and Gen and Yuuki are full of energy, but Ryusei leaves only to talk with Tachibana though. He asks him if a Zodiart can be a hero and Tachibana says its not that likely and tells him to not let his guard down. He comes back to see the club doing a dance as Ryusei sees this is idiotic. He exits though as he takes Tomoko out because she says she is sick. Misa tries to stop the two, but they go on anyways as she gives Ryusei a glare. With the club Jake finds out that Cygnus is more of a black swan as it only wants worshipers. Cygnus as already attacked people as well for not worshiping him as some people were majorly hurt by him. Kengo then grabs the new switch and heads for Gen and the others. With Tomoko I guess she made up the sickness because she says they were to ritualistic. Ryusei thinks it's odd for a goth to be saying that and she picks up on that very well. That sort of club reminds her of the witches from before as she remembers that latching onto someone won't make you strong.
Oh boy I already here the fan fiction
While the two were talking, Cygnus appears and like the Black Swan he is he attacks the two! Ryusei sees that the Zodiart just has a strange sense of justice. Tomoko uses the new foodroid and she tries to contact Gen, but he is too busy with his dance (how long does that go on for?). Cygnus easily throws the roid away and continue to attack Ryusei. He gets to serious though and give Cygnus a punch to the face and to fix that he acts like a coward and runs away. Tomoko is probably confused to see one great punch turn into kick and run and now Cygnus is going to attack her! She makes the roid get Gen and Ryusei transforms into Meteor. Cygnus thinks Meteor is no hero, but the same can be said about the guy who attacks innocent people. The roid gets to Gentarou and sprays it with a cold mist as they get the message that Tomoko and Ryusei are in danger. Meteor is easily beating up Cygnus though, but the so called hero uses Tomoko as a human shield. Meteor summons Mars and is going to attack, but he stops seeing that he could be softer than he thought. Cygnus tries to attack, but Meteor easily fights back as he uses Tomoko again! This time he threatens Meteor to not dodge anymore or Tomoko will get hurt. Cygnus then attacks Meteor and starts to stomp on his right hand as Tomoko screams for him to stop. Fourze gets in at the right time and sees the true side of Cygnus. Kengo comes always and gives him the new switch and with it he can summon a bigger foot to smash Cyngus, but that was just gravity mostly as the switch can tamper with it. Gen over does it though and doesn't notice that Cygnus made an escape and attacks. Cygnus thought Fourze was a hero, but now he sees that he needs to take his place.
That's episode 23 and I am really liking how the series is using justice a lot. This is mostly because people see justice in many different ways. With Gen he wants to protect people, Meteor is similar, but he will do whatever it takes to save someone, and now Cygnus sees that people should follow him as he thinks he is justice. I always like the corrupt hero as well and the show did good with it because we see him as a hero and then we see his true side. Another nice thing is that the so UDS is very similar to the witches from before, but just in a different manor and how Tomoko notices that shows she is beyond stuff like that. A lot of irony is even used in this episode like with Eguchi wanting to be a hero, but is too scared to do it. Also he is idolizing a person who has attacked innocent people. Cygnus also uses cheap moves in a fight so yea this guy is no hero at all! In his eyes though he is the absolute and all shall listen to him, I would really like to see this be the next Horoscope member because Gamou would easily change how it thinks. Ryusei was also in top form in this episode has we see that he does think like everyone else and wants to believe that a Zodiart can be good. He also starts to act more like a hero as he couldn't hurt Tomoko, its a good form a development for Ryusei has he will notice that he won't let his one goal overtake everything else. The fights were good, a fair amount of switches were used, but they were only there is show Cancer's impressive powers as none of them could hurt him. Reminding me of Cancer I am a little disappointed that he only shown up once to fight. Also the series keeps doing the quick cliffhangers that I mentioned before and I hope that will get fixed soon. Overall though a good episode that is strong from a writing viewpoint, an A-
 Next Week: A fake hero being attacked by another fake hero

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