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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Top Ten Favorite Attorneys of Ace Attorney! SPOILER ALERT!!!

Well I am pretty much all done with the Ace Attorney series, the only games I did not play were not localized. Either way in about two or three months with this franchise I completed seven games and that is rare for me now these days. You can say I feel in love with the series quite quickly. I remember playing the first game getting through it all and then I just had to play more! What ended on happening was that my craving for Ace Attorney just kept growing stronger and stronger. I think for that time span I played at least one sitting of Ace Attorney per day. With finally getting done with the main series and one spin-off I think I am ready to be doing a ton of lists based on this franchise. The attorneys are the main image of this game and of course they all have to be colorful characters with charm and personality. Some can be quite evil, some can be quite confusing, and then some will just whip you to you pass out. So, get ready to slam some desks or walls as I will list my favorite of these "Objection" screamers!

10. Gaspen Payne
Starting the list off is a rather odd choice for some. For some context, Gaspen Payne is the younger brother of a previous attorney, pretty much any defense attorney took down, Winston Payne. This brother is treated just like the rest though as he is only suitable for the first case of both games he has been in. Now in Dual Destinies, he was not anything all too special, but I did like how he wanted to save his name from his brother's many defeats. Even though it was cowardly of him to leave the courtroom like a yellow-bellied chicken, it was hilarious to watch that happen. The reason he is on the list though is because of his appearance in Spirit of Justice the recent game. Payne finally found his home in the land of Khura'in where there is no defense attorney to face him because of the Defense Culpability Act. This law holds anyone who defends a criminal with the same punishment, so yea you can see why lawyers would have a hard time in this area. Payne in the short time being in the area even became Chief Prosecutor and who knows how many innocent people he sentenced to jail or even death! Even when Phoenix came to someone's defense, Payne wanted Phoenix's head! I just find it so damn funny that Payne takes his revenge so far that he tried to actually kill Phoenix Wright! I know of some others who will want to do that, but the only reason for Payne is because of his credibility! So yea Gaspen Payne, a scrawny man who wants to praise himself highly, but can just never get a win against our main characters.

9. Athena Cykes
The new blood of Phoenix's crew and she starts off in Dual Destinies as she learned law as soon as she could to get into the courtroom. She did such that at the age of eighteen and Athena is out to save someone! This is already a big character trait for her and her kindness does not stop there. Athena has a special ability where she can hear the inner emotions of people. This helps her out to see if someone is becoming confused with their out of control emotions, or if they are trying to hide something. This then gets into the Mood Matrix ability where she can map out the scene someone is describing and analyze their emotions. It is then someone's job to point out any odd emotional spikes or any object that is causing turmoil in someone's heart. A big reason why she gets on this list is because of what she had to endure in her first appearance at the end of the game. A murder that happened when she was twelve ended up getting someone close to her in jail and a death sentence. Athena takes blames because when she testified as a child she blacked out and causing the truth to be lost. This case gets re-opened though and it slowly starts painting Athena as the killer as it was possible her mentality broke and she was hiding something about the past, but it was more because of the nightmare it caused her over the years. Finally revealing everything though lead to Athena finally breaking those fears and got her back into the fighting spirit as she even took down the man who caused her nightmares. In Spirit of Justice, she is slowly proving herself to be a strong lawyer even if she still needs some help here and there. Also, I feel bad for this gal since she is now Trucy's new assistant and it is never easy to perform magic.

8. Mia Fey
Phoenix Wright's teacher in law is someone you do not want to mess with. During her beginnings as a lawyer, she took down many criminals and even one that almost killed a beloved of hers. She does not back down and I mean that! Mia is part of the Fey family and she is even in the main family and she is a spirit channeler as well. Mia was even supposed to be the one to take charge after the disappearance of her mother. Mia wanted to do her mother justice though and finally reveal what truly happened to her and clear her name of being a fraud. An incident called the DL-6 case really had the police in turmoil so they went to a spirit medium named Misty Fey as she did a summoning for them of the victim to point out the criminal. Sadly, the news got leaked and the it ended up back firing big time. The man who was labeled as a murderer originally got a not guilty verdict, the police took a major blow, Misty Fey was labeled a fraud, and even a lawyer ended up being blackmailed for fifteen years after that incident. Mia kept on looking for any hints and when she got too close, she was murdered by the name who leaked out that information several years ago. This happens at the second episode of the game and it was shocking since one would assume that Mia would be helping Phoenix out some more... well she does. Thanks to her younger sister Maya, she is able to be summoned into Maya's body and help Phoenix out. With this, Mia was able to take down the man who ruined her mother's life and even ended her own life. Mia then continued to help Phoenix with a kidnapping case involving Maya, and even kept taking down her eternal rival. So yea even though Mia passed away, she can still be a tough fighter which is why she makes the list.

7. Simon Blackquill
The prosecutor who was charged with murder even though he was simply covering for someone he cared for. This is the man that Athena wanted to save and even though he was labeled a criminal, he was still able to prosecute thanks to careful eyes from the police. Simon has the powers of suggestion on his side where he can pretty much have people walk around the palm of his hands. He knows how to taunt or even scare someone to telling the truth or simply being quiet. When that fails, he can literally break his cuffs off with brute strength and start using his hidden blade. This man even has a pet hawk named Taka and can have that bird attack people as well! Simon picked up a bit of a mean personality from his time in prison and it even gave him a bit of dark humor. The best thing about Simon though is how determined he was to defend someone he thought was innocent as this man almost was killed for a crime he did not do. Blackquill for the majority of his time as a prisoner was still trying to find any links to what he calls a Phantom, the true culprit behind that murder. Now if you are in his sights though and if Simon catches on who is the real culprit in any case, he will easily attack them like the defense would. So even if the prison life changed him, he is no corrupt prosecutor as his mind is as sharp as his blade.

6. Manfred Von Karma and Kristoph Gavin
You want some crazy perfectionists? Well here you go these two are the living proof of how crazy one can take their own job. First is Manfred who is a prosecutor with the near perfect record, he has never lost a case in his forty-year long career and only received one penalty. Von Karma used any means to get his wins though and as years passed by he only became wiser on how to use people and the evidence. This man even forges his own evidence to get guilty verdicts! Things even get more insane with how far he went he got one penalty. Remember the DL-6 incident I mentioned before? Well here is the real criminal behind all of that! This man performed such a perfect crime that not even the ghost of the deceased pointed the finger at him! The man he murdered was his rival in court, Gregory Edgeworth who is also the man who got Von Karma penalized. Von Karma did not take well to that and so when the chance came to him, he did the dirty deed. Kristoph Gavin is similar to Von Karma with making forgeries and obscuring the truth just for his own sake. The scary thing about Kristoph is that while Von Karma was a prosecutor, this man was a defense attorney. Kristoph only cared about his wins and he truly believes that he uses the law. During one case when he was going to take on his brother in court, he was suddenly dropped from the case because of his client changing to Phoenix. This angered Kristoph that he then used his forged evidence to destroy Phoenix's career and even tried to have his forger killed by the use of poison, it just happened much later than he imagined. Still this man had a perfect crime under his belt and easily used the law at his hand to almost get away with that one crime, but Phoenix made sure to take him down even if he did not have his badge anymore. Thanks to Apollo taking him down for a murder and then taking him down yet again with the use of a jury system. These two characters are also perfect for what the series wanted to represent and that is a surprising bit of satire on Japanese law. Prosecutors would usually win cases most of the time which really reflects Von Karma and then for Kristoph he used the flaws of the system to be the best defense attorney around because of the lack of a jury. These two are just damn good villains with their only ambition is being perfect.

5. Godot
You think you love your cup of Joe, think again! This is Godot also formally known as Diego Armando. Originally a defense attorney who was poisoned and nearly killed turns into a Prosecutor from after waking up from a coma. Many things happened while Diego was in his coma and after waking up he felt he had to see certain things for himself. One was the defense lawyer, Phoenix Wright as he did not like at all. Godot was close to Mia back then and hearing of her death caused him some bitterness towards Phoenix. In reality though he was blaming himself for not being at her side. Even during his coma, Mia took down the one who poisoned him and even got that woman sentenced to death. There was then one big issue with the Fey family though as there was a plan to take out Maya so that another family could become the main family. Godot started to make his counter plan to end it all. This is the reason why he had to change into a prosecutor so that he could take on Phoenix Wright and be close to the police and be able to gather information. What made Godot such a cool guy though is that he always saw both sides. Godot even knew how to help others even if it meant hurting himself. Also, Godot was someone who taught Mia on how to be a lawyer which is soon passed down to Phoenix. His coffee obsession is amazing as well since this guy drinks like seventeen cups of coffee during a trial! I just love seeing this man getting a new cup of coffee all the time. He even throws his mugs around at times and uses them as his own gavels. He is also one strong prosecutor since he knows how to defend so he can counter against many defenses since he probably thought of them as well. Godot is easily the most skilled attorney on this list since again he did both! My favorite part as to go to when he admits to murdering someone and when Maya tells everyone that he was defending her, he had to stop her. Godot admits that he was not sure what went to him first, justice or revenge. Godot is easily one of the manliest guys around and is honest to himself and others... I hope we see him again! Finally, I just got to love a man who has jazz be his theme song!

4. Klaiver Gavin
I feel this character does not get all too much love in the franchise. Some say he is bit too much of a straight arrow and compared to other characters he does lack in the story department. Klavier is the younger brother of the Gavin family and became a prosecutor. He even anticipated the day he would face his brother in court. Klaiver was also part of a band during his youth and then did both at the same time. Later on, though he soon had to disband his group since one of them was a murderer and soon got his just desserts. Here is the thing about Gavin that I truly appreciate about him though, he is probably the most trustworthy prosecutor since his introduction and stayed like that. Some other characters developed to be better for the courtroom, but Gavin always stayed true to finding the truth. He never cared about if he would win or lose. Gavin wanted proper justice to be delivered no matter what. I also do like his rocker personality as well. He is smooth with the ladies and can be quite mean spirited with some guys, but in the end, he is pretty much always helping. Klaiver had his share of jokes and jabs at Apollo and he would also tell Apollo when something is not feeling right. This guy even held trials on longer even if he was going to win. This is why I truly appreciate this man and I do hope I get to face him in court again. Also, playing air guitar in the middle of a trial never gets old! Even this guy has an awesome theme song!

3. Phoenix Wright
The main character himself lands at the third spot and again like Gavin he is a good to honest man who does get into some trouble here and there, but in the end, he delivers the truth. Now Phoenix did have his hands tied back sometimes, but this is what then makes him a scary attorney at times. Even if he knows someone could be guilty, Phoenix knows how to hold a trial on for longer. Phoenix also knows how to bluff big time! Phoenix does this so that trials can last longer or even move to the next day so that he can find more information. Phoenix always believes in his clients and that has been put to the test before. This man has taken on a lot in his career and even when he lost his badge, Phoenix continued to fight in his own ways. When he returned in Dual Destinies there was one thing clear about Phoenix Wright, he did not lose any of his wits. What also makes Phoenix an awesome guy is how caring he is. Phoenix would always extend his hand out to others even outside of the courtroom. My favorite becoming an adoptive father to Trucy since her father ran away in the middle of a trial. Phoenix even takes on the possibility of a death penalty just to defend someone in court. Then his relationship with Mia, Maya, and Pearl is extremely heartwarming. Then there is a certain rivalry with someone, but I will get to that later. I also love how snarky Phoenix can get. In the first three games, he keeps most of his snarky attitude to himself. In Apollo's game and after that, he speaks his mind out more than often. Phoenix Wright, a caring man who will never want to fight in the courtroom since he will always make a trial interesting.

2. Apollo Justice
To be honest, Apollo is only this high up because of the recent game for the franchise. If I ranked him just based on Dual Destinies, he would be right in the middle. Apollo's first appearance gave him a good start. He was young and still fresh to the business. He needed help just like Phoenix did in his beginnings. His interactions with characters like Trucy and Ema Skye were delightful. I even loved his working relationship with Klaiver. Dual Destinies comes along and wow Apollo changed a lot! He suddenly starts to become a role model for someone and even risks his life to protect that said person. Apollo even looked badass with his injuries and carrying the jacket of his best friend. In Dual Destinies, he lost that person and when suspicion started to fall on Athena, he did have his doubts about her. Apollo trusted Athena still though and that is why he had to clear his doubts away by finding the truth. Apollo really risked a lot on that since he was unsure if Athena was a killer or not, yet he in the end he wanted to believe that she was innocent. Then Spirit of Justice came around and this is why he got into the second spot so fast. Apollo had to take on a lot in this game. There was first defending Trucy in court which is my personal favorite case in the series. Apollo being a big part since he helped Trucy keep her smile and also having her finally being able to open up around him. Apollo even made Trucy more confident in herself as a magician. He had to take on his brother in court even if he was adopted into that family. His adoptive father returns for his aide and even when things turned bleak for Apollo like taking on Phoenix and taking on the queens of Khura'in, he did not hold back at all. There was even a time where Apollo hoped he was wrong because of what the shocking truth of what happened to both of his fathers. Apollo really matured in his ventures of being a lawyer and you know it is impressive when a man takes down a whole legal system in one trial!

1. Miles Edgeworth
I know many people love this character to death and I am so one of them! Edgeworth is so my type of character. In the first game, he is the prosecutor with rumors flying around that he forged evidence because of his teacher, Von Karma taught him that he always had to get perfect victories. Egdeworth wanted to convict criminals no matter what because of what happened to his father and the supposed man who murdered him. Edgeworth had no trust towards criminals and made sure they get what they deserved. It was thanks to Phoenix that he cleared things up for Edgeworth. Edgeworth started to fight for the truth and even helped Phoenix in his third case. Then he soon became under the suspicion of murder as Phoenix defended him against Von Karma. Edgeworth though was blaming himself for the murder of his father and when he was declared innocent for the current case, he brings up the DL-6 incident since he wants the truth to be finally be out for that case even if it means if he was guilty. Later on, things get worse for Edgeworth as he soon as to prosecute a close friend of his, Lana Skye and he even finds out at the start of his career he did use forged evidence, but to not to his knowledge. This took a major blow to Edgeworth as he had to find out what it truly meant to be a prosecutor. He comes back wiser and learns that he had to aim for the truth even if the truth can hurt at times. Edgeworth even had his own games and it was awesome to see Edgeworth be the main character for once. Again, this is after the original trilogy so Edgeworth has learned a lot and he becomes a surprisingly caring person. When on the job he will find the true murderer even if it means taking on a leader of an entire country! Then he soon makes his return in Dual Destinies and then appears for the bonus case in Spirit of Justice and Edgeworth has become Chief Prosecutor! He still had to take on cases though, one being because of a hostage situation and the other because the other prosecutors were too scared to take on the case. Again, Edgeworth is a man about the truth and he can be a bit blunt about it. Edgeworth is also shockingly oblivious to certain things and will be strict on the simplest of manners. Personally, I share that with him in some regards. The other big reason why he is on this list if that this guy had to deal with Wendy Oldbag trying to win his heart, any man who has to deal with that woman needs all the help he can get!
 Just look at this man, both men and women just melt around him!

I am so not done with making list for this franchise as there are still minor characters to get through and what I feel are the best cases for the franchise. There are still tons to talk about with Ace Attorney as I will always be ready to scream "Objection" when the time is right.

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